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JConcepts Speed Things 1/8 Buggy Belted Tires

Teaser – JConcepts Belted 1/8 Buggy Speed Fang Pre-Mounted Tires

Over on Ryan Maifield’s YouTube channel he is building a speed-run 1/8 electric buggy. Ryan is a factory driver for Mugen and is known for his off-road racing skills. During his speed-run build, Ryan is teasing new Belted Speed-Run Tires from JConcepts. The new belted tires, dubbed “Speed Fangs”, will come pre-mounted on special 3-piece JConcepts wheels.

Until we learn more, why not hit up this link to check out the Official JConcepts Website?

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Posted by in video on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 at 5:43 pm