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Tekno RC SCT410SL 4WD SCT Kit

Tekno 1/10 SCT410SL 4WD SCT Kit

Now available for pre-order is the Tekno 1/10 SCT410SL 4WD SCT Kit. The folks at Tekno are pushing the design envelope with the new SCT410SL as it is a lightweight version of a 4WD short course truck based off their EB/ET410 platform. Being a lightweight design helps make the truck quicker and more nimble, making it perfect for tighter or more technical tracks. Here are the highlights-

* 4mm CNC machined, black anodized long wear chassis
* CNC 7075 aluminum hinge pin braces w/ revised suspension geometry
* Large 3.5mm HD hinge pins
* Aluminum front and rear camber plates w/ bulkhead brace
* 18 degree LRC spindle carriers
* 13mm big bore shocks w/ new spring options
* CNC 7075 one-piece motor mount w/ preset gearing options
* Adjustable roll center rear hubs
* Spindles w/ adjustable Ackermann plates
* Strong HD outdrives and diff couplers
* Lightweight SCT bumpers, nerf bars, and body mounts
* Accommodates ‘standard’ or ‘shorty’ 2S battery packs

The Tekno 1/10 SCT410SL 4WD SCT Kit has a part number of #TKR7000 and is street priced at $449.

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