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Tekno EB48SL Super Light 8th Buggy

Tekno EB48SL Super Light 1/8th Electric Buggy

New from Tekno RC is the EB48SL. The “SL” stands for Super Light, which is said to give it 10th scale handling, with the durability of an 8th scale. The EB48SL is built on the SCT410.3 platform and therefore shares 95% of the same parts. This makes the buggy easy to drive fast and a great choice for winter indoor tracks that frown on full bore 4S 8th scale buggies. The EB48SL uses tenth scale electronics, saving weight and saving you money.

* 4mm aluminum chassis
* Adjustable low CG wing mount
* Extremely narrow layout
* 2 piece CNC machined motor mount
* Uses MOD 1 pinion gears
* 3 fluid filled lightweight diffs
* Lightened outdrives
* 4mm 7075 shock towers
* 16mm hard anodized shocks
* 4mm hardened shock shafts
* Weight- 6.5lb
* Wheelbase- 323-335mm
* Width- 306mm

The EB48SL is priced at $439, it has a part number of #TKR5004, and they are expected to start shipping in Spring of 2016. Hit up This Link for more details over on Tekno’s website.

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