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Tekno RC MT410 Monster Truck

Tekno RC MT410 Monster Truck With Video

Look at who just jumped into the bashing game – Tekno RC! The crew at Tekno has long been known for putting out high-end, ultra-durable, race machines, now they are putting out their first monster truck, the MT410. The MT410 is based off of Tekno’s ET48 truggy race platform, which should make it one of the best handling and bomb proof monster trucks to ever hit the market.

Will the MT410 be a game changer? It just might be, as it has the pedigree to be one of the few “high-end” bashers to ever hit the market. Here are some of its highlights-

* Designed for low wear and high durability
* Comes as a kit without wheels, tires, body, or electronics
* Readily available parts and upgrades
* 4mm CNC machined aluminum chassis
* Threaded 16mm big bore shocks with vented caps
* Shocks can be built emulsion or standard style
* Supports multiple battery & motor configurations
* Lowest center of gravity in the MT class
* All metric/hex hardware
* Super narrow layout
* Short chassis overhang for class leading front and rear clearance
* Enclosed, spacious radio box
* Adjustable chassis brace system
* 2 piece CNC machined motor mount
* Bulletproof a-arms
* 17mm wheel hexes
* Split center diff
* CV driveshafts with captured pins
* 7075 4mm thick aluminum shock towers
* Width- 420mm
* Wheelbase- 323-335mm
* Length- 530mm
* Weight- 8.3lb

The MT410 is shipping right now with a street price of $499 and sports a part number of #TKR5603. We know you want more details, so Use This Link to get them over on Tekno’s official website.

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