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Tekno RC Shock Cap Bushings and Standoffs for the EB410 and ET410

Tekno RC fans that own the EB410 or ET410, if you are looking to squeeze out even a little more performance or durability, you may be in luck. Take a look at the new Shock Cap Bushings and Shock Standoffs for the EB410 and ET410

Standoff Features
* Reduced shock cap wear.
* Extended length shock tower mounting posts.
* Made from high-quality steel.
* Fits Tekno RC 1/10th scale vehicles EB410/ET410.

Bushing Features
* Keyed to eliminate rotation and greatly reduce shock cap wear.
* Snaps into place and will not fall out.
* Made from durable composite plastic.
* Fits the Tekno RC 1/10th scale shock caps (TKR6712 & TKR6712A) only.

Use this Tekno Bushing Link to get all the details over on Tekno’s official website, and this link for the Tekno Standoffs.

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 at 11:41 am