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The 2WD Monster Truck Shootout is Ready!

We have been working hard on this one for a while! The 2WD Monster Truck Shootout is finally completed and ready for your reading pleasure! We get a TON of emails asking us what truck is better, and which one someone should buy. We decided to take some time and actually put them all to the test! Unlike those ‘advertisement’ rags, we actually come up with a winner, and show you how we got there!

The three vehicles we picked are the current ‘most asked about’ 2WD Monster Trucks. We put the Traxxas Stampede, the ARRMA Granite, and the ECX Ruckus all in a room, and said ‘FIGHT!’

While we have reviewed all these trucks separately, it’s always a different story when you can drive the vehicles back to back, and literally feel and see the difference right before you.

Hopefully all the hard work that went into this one is appreciated! Thanks to Tim, Cubby and Craig for all their time getting this one out the door, and special thanks to Slot & Wing for letting us come bash at their new locations just days after their move.

Ok, ok.. enough blabbering, lets get to the 2WD RTR Monster Truck Shootout!

PS: When you guys link this thing all over the web (like we know you will) please use this link so people can find/start off on the first page.. thanks! ( )

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