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The Beginning of the End for Trinity? (Rumor)

team trinity epic Is this the beginning of the end for Trinity? The Team Trinity website is showing a ‘moving sale’, but most people are saying it’s probably a Going out of Business Sale. If you haven’t been into RC for a while, you probably never heard of Team Trinity. Years ago they used to make some vehicles that were usually knock offs of more popular Associated or Losi stuff, and nobody really bought them. The fact that they usually cost more didn’t help. The president, Ernest Provetti recently posted this letter (PDF FILE) which explains their move and name change, and says they will be back, but a lot of industry insiders are saying this may be the last big wave they make. Time will tell. If you are a Trinity fan, looks like a lot of stuff is on sale over there.

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Posted by in Rumor on Thursday, April 9th, 2009 at 12:04 pm