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THE Cub Report- 01.03.2011, Happy New Year (With A Sneer)

As we ring in 2011 people tend to realize a new year is sorta like a fresh start, a time when anything is possible, a year where we can put our best foot forward and swagger on while (hopefully) not repeating our former mistakes.

On New Years Eve I was fortunate (or perhaps unlucky?) enough to host a rather large party. Among those in attendance were friends, family, but mucho more fun was having several of my rc compadres in the house. As time inched closer to midnight, of course myself and the rc crew started talking about our resolutions for 2011 (after a few rousing moto’s of mancave Losi Micro SCT supercross). One of the guys promised to never yell at another turn mashal, while another guy vowed to never fake being injured (so as to never be excused from turn marshalling again… LOL). Eventually it became my turn to give up a resolution, but I’m just not that type, my brain just isn’t wired for coming up with ridiculous “I’m gonna do better next year” wishes, so I didn’t have anything for’em. Eventually, long after all our guests had left, I got to thinking, thinking hard, about what I should improve on for 2011.

I guess I could promise to quit complaining so much. I could quit flip’n out on every new rule and class that our major sanctioning body comes out with. I could quit flip’n out when some manufacture released a moronic new product that only a person with brain damage would buy (no, I’m not mentioning Anything about the new Trinity brushless motor “diaper”). I could quit running the selfish pricks into the ground that insist on run’n every noob away from their track. I could be all kiss a$$. Every product I see I could declare to be the best thing ever. Every new rule that comes out I could proclaim to be the one that will save racing. Every ridiculously bogus mag article I read (not that I read the mags anymore, as they are impossible to find, even in large metro areas) I could deem to be unbiased and the best ever written.

Awwww well, who am I kid’n? I must be painfully honest, I love complaining far too much to quit. I live to complain. And not only do I love to complain, but someone in the rc biz Needs to have a loud, booming voice of dissent. Many of the issues I bring up (and complain about) you hear every day at local tracks, but the industry never hears about them that way. Nearly always when industry folks are face to face among the masses, all they hear are good comments, not the bad. But… when that same issue is addressed here in THE Cub Report, response from the industry often only takes minutes (I’m not kidding here, it’s not uncommon to get calls/emails from industry types within minutes of a Cub Report going up). Many industry types are so busy working/busting out new product that they simple are too busy to keep their ear to the grindstone with the concerns of the average rc user.

So I guess if forced to give a resolution it would be- more of the same, to stay the course, to keep b!tch’n and moan’n, to bring up all the ugly lil’ problems our “family hobby” has to offer. There is a reason why BigSquid went from nothing to being perhaps the most read and trusted rc site on Earth, and I believe that reason is because all of us here go WFO with everything we do, no regrets, just full speed ahead.

That’s it for this weeks sarcastic rant, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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