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THE Cub Report, 01.19.2015, Version- Legacy

After completing a long, somber, mentally exhausting weekend at a relative’s funeral, it got me to thinking a whole lot about legacy. Certainly nobody lives forever, once we are gone what really matters? How many people that attended the funeral? When the last time someone speaks our name? What our kids accomplish? Or simply our legacy?

Ya I know, a pretty heavy topic for an rc site, but every basher has attended a funeral at one time or another, and they certainly get all sorts of strange things running through your head. On my long drive home I got to thinking about the rc side of “legacy”. I don’t know if you’ve rubbed elbows with many industry types lately, but many of the big wigs that are running the show have been around a long time, many since “the beginning” back in the ’70-’80s, and they aren’t spring chickens anymore. Many of them have to be thinking about their own legacy and that of the company they have built. As a whole, there has been a lot of outstanding people in our industry, people with hard worth ethics and incredible vision for the hobby they love so much. IMO there are a whole lot more big wigs that will leave a good legacy than a poor one, we’ve been truly blessed with so many good people at various companies.

So what exactly is a good legacy? Leaving a positive name associated with your company? Introducing new products or technologies that advance the hobby? Leaving your company with bags full of gold Krugerrands in the bank? Simply leaving rc a better place than you found it?

Those questions of course make me consider the legacy of BSRC and of THE Cub Report itself. I am quite biased of course, but BSRC would have to leave a legacy of a “break the mold” type of media source, one that didn’t follow the easy company line, one that shifted rc media from being focused on racing, to being focused on good ole’ bashing. One that had some balls to go where other places would not, and hopefully we’ll go down as a media source that put the betterment of the hobby before profits.

And while THE Cub Report pales in comparison to the early works of people like Masi/Pond/Bess, I know in my overly conceded mind that is has definitely changed the hobby. It has hucked topics that were once taboo straight into the mainstream for everyone to debate (or curse, or fire up the lawyer). It has rubbed people with big bucks the wrong way, something that they weren’t used to, but something that even they knew was good for the hobby. And I would like to think that it has “woke up” many of the industry types. Woke them up to the fact that rc is better off in the long run with some real journalism, not with media kissing their ass 24/7 for fear of losing an advertiser.

Today as they were closing the casket on my Aunt, I thought to myself that she left a great legacy that she could be proud of. She was fair, honest to a fault, and worked her tail off for the betterment of others. I can only hope to leave the outstanding legacy that she did, God willing, at least I have a few years to work on it…

That’s it for this week, come see us at eFest 2015 this Saturday in Champaign Illinois, and of course support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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