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THE Cub Report, 01.26.2014, Version- $100 Dollar Bill Ya’ll

Have ya done your taxes yet? Ok, if you are as lazy as I am then you have not, but at some point in the near future you will. So what ya gonna do with all that fat cash? Here is my list of the best rc related ways you spend your 2015 tax refund (not that I will be getting one, but surely most of you will)…

1. A good transmitter ($300-$600). If you are gnarcore in the hobby there is no better way to spend a healthy chunk of cash than on a good transmitter. Here are a couple of reasons why…

Every time we go out bashing Adam The Intern brings about a dozen cars (so he can just pick up a new one after breaking). A sane person would pack along one (read “1) high-end transmitter with a multiple model memory capable of controlling all their vehicles. Instead, Adam packs a dozen RTR transmitters. He spends (read- wastes) all day figuring out which transmitter controls which car, replacing AA batteries in various transmitters, and his driving suffers as he goes from one radically different feeling/driving transmitter to the next.

A good transmitter will last a decade and you will never be the best driver you can be without one, it truly is money well spent. Most of the higher end units come stock with rechargeable internal battery packs, they drive better than any RTR radio could ever hope to, and a single unit not only takes up a lot less space but can save you time. Cut that tax return check on a new Futaba 4PX, Hitec Lynx 4S, or Spektrum AVC radio, and I promise you that you won’t regret it.

2. A high-end battery charger and power supply ($200-$400). Once again, if you plan on staying in the hobby for more than a week, a kick ass battery charger is worth its weight in platinum 190. Not only is it just plain nice to have one in your pit box, but there is a laundry list of reasons for owning one. Today’s better chargers can not only charge your packs more quickly, but they also give them a higher quality charge. Dual bank chargers can also help get more packs done in less time, while an uber power supply dishes out the copious amounts of juice required to fast charge on AC. If you want the most out of your ride, you gotta get the best out of your batteries, and that starts with a high-zoot charger.

3. Quality tools ($80-$200). For some of you that tax check might not be huge but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something long overdue that can really improve your experience in the hobby. Why not finally break down and get some quality tools? If you spend countless hours every week re-building or modding your rc vehicles, upper-end tools are not a luxury, they truly are a necessity. The hex wrenches from MIP and RPM are top notch and a whole set of metric and standard hex drivers will set ya back less than a c-note.

4. Big ole’ 5th scaler ($900-$1,700). For those of you that did everything right and are actually getting back some decent bank, why not go big, real big with a 5th scaler. While 5th scalers do have their downsides (take up a lot of room, gas powered smell, cost) they are an entirely different beast that every hobbyist should own at least once. One of their biggest upsides is that they drive much differently than smaller scales, they are generally much more stable over rough ground and can easily power through grass. And… while an 8th scale nitro engine is a nightmare to keep running, 5th scalers require next to no tuning and tend to start right up, even after sitting for months at a time. If you feel like going big check out the big scalers from HPI and Losi, both brands are durable and huge fan to bash with.

That’s it for this week ya freaks, don’t be shy, if you cut a big check with your tax refund shoot us pics, we want to see too! Until next week, go fast, turn left, and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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