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THE Cub Report, 02.07.09

Did ya know ROAR will crown at least 23 national champions this year? Holy cow, that’s probably a higher number than the reincarnations of the Horizon/Losi Mico-T, Mini-T, and Mini-LST combined! (And nearly as high as the number of hate mails I get each week)

Remember how that el’ cheapo 8th scale buggy won the IFMAR worlds last year? Well, it’s got a big brother now. Hot Bodies announced the D8T truggy this week. Looks awesome, and once again, it hits a good price point.

Is RCX walking the green mile? Seems that way, as some of the big players are pulling the plug on their booths this year. Does this industry really need all the trade shows it has? Will we see a thinning of the crop in the trade show circuit? (Yes, I am asking that to you the reader. And yes, you can write in and respond/bitch with an answer.) I-Hobby’s show last fall was arguably the best show Ever in the sport, combined with their proximity to Hobbico and Horizon, I don’t see it going anywhere soon. But some of the other smaller shows might end up where they’ve needed to go for years- Away.

Speaking of trade shows, the German hobby show is going on right now. Big news? No show stoppers, just another wave of new brushless speed controllers/motors, more Lithium batteries, more brushless 8th scalers, but mainly, more electric, electric, electric! Who killed nitro? Hell, I hate nitro and the gas-holes that drive them (ok, only some nitro drivers are gas-holes), but even I’m missing that funky smell and burning eyes.

What’s the “hot” industry insider talk this week? Mainly, talk about who’s on the edge of going out of business. Talk with company “A”, and they’ll tell you company “B” is about to shut the doors. Talk to company “B”, and they’ll say the same thing about company “A”. Truly a comedic epidemic. Who do most insiders think are actually making money in this economy? Those with low (no) overhead, and those selling new era electric technology.

The Associated SC10 set the message boards on fire this week. Actually some of the best internet reading in quite some time (and LOADS of extremely cheap advertising for AE). For you old timers, can you believe AE is being compared straight up to Traxxas? Who would have ever thought that time would come? For you new guys/T-Maxx wave guys, you probably don’t know any different, but for the old timers, it makes you look out the window to see if any pigs go flying by.

That’s all for this week. Support your sport, support your LHS and local tracks!

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