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THE Cub Report, 03.24.2014, Version- Zu schnell für Sie

Cubby Horizon AVCA number of times our good friend Hawaiian Chris has come out to help us do vehicle reviews. First off it’s always good to get another opinion on a review, and second, he is super well versed on “everything rc” making him a great asset to have around. HC has been core into 5th scale, core into nitro, core into oval, core into just plain everything that moves on 4 wheels that is remote controlled. But… nearly every time I hand the controller over to him he freaks out a little. Why? Because typically we test with a “lot of power” installed in the cars, and he just isn’t used to that. HC is used to the “norm”, what the guys down at the track run, what most of the guys on the forums say to use, ect, and well, we don’t operate that way around here. When possible, we put wayyyy too power much in and simply don’t use it all except for rare occasions (like making a big jump, long runs on pavement, etc).

HC isn’t alone though, it is very common for us to hand over controllers to long-time, hardcore rc’ers who start in which a lecture that goes something like this- “OMG, you guys are out of your minds, you can’t put that power down and all you are going to do is break parts!”. Yes certainly, an HPI Blitz on 6S can be hard to drive, and yes it can instantly break a lot of parts, but that totally depends on the driver. A driver used to “stupid power” will lightly, VERY lightly, feathers into the throttle, they never just tag it WFO like some stock class racer would, and when driven with care, even stupid power doesn’t have to break parts.

So where am I going with this… we run crazy power in some of our test vehicles for one reason only- it is fun. There is nothing like pulling 50 mph wheelies on a 6S MT4 G3, or double backflips with a 4S 2wd Slash, fast is exhilarating. And… if you’ve been a hobbyist for as long as we have, it’s good to really get the blood pumping once in a while. Double and… we sure as heck aren’t going to install a slow power system in a car just because that is the “norm”, or that’s what “everybody else is running”, we are going to install what we think is fun.

Which finally gets me to the moral of the story… if you are a consumer, you do not have to listen to what all the lifers on the forums tell you to install in your car, put in what you want and find out for yourself what works for you. If you work for Happy Flower rc car manufacturer, just because short course trucks is hot doesn’t mean you have to put out another one, put out what YOU are passionate about and what you would have fun driving. If you are in the rc media and think you have to give some POS car a 9 out of 10 score because you might lose some advertising, grow a set and give it an honest rating. Yes, you might lose one advertiser, but there are plenty of good companies out there that will respect you because of it, and they just might cut you bigger checks because of it.

A couple of quick BSRC notes here…

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