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THE Cub Report, 05.07.2012, Version- Table For 2 At Alinea

Cubby Yes, another week has blown by us in our beloved hobby, welcome to yet another way-super-dope edition of THE Cub Report.

Mark this date on your calenders- Saturday, June 9th. What’s going on? Well that is the day of BigSquid’s first uber bash of the year. There is a lot more info to come, but it’ll be in the Chi-Town metro area and hopefully it’ll be a bunch of good ole’ fashioned bash’n. Jump’n, crash’n, and general bash’n mayhem is to be expected. Keep your eyes on our main page for more info.

The new Traxxas Funnycar hit dealer floors last week. First off it’s nice to see a product arrive on time without massive delays, props to ya on that one TRX. Secondly, wow, it is one cool looking car. If the rest of the industry hasn’t gotten the memo yet- scale IS THE BOMB (not to mention good for the hobby), hop on the bandwagon or keep watch’n your sales figures plummet. Thirdly, the Traxxas drag car has already gotten the reputation of being hard to drive. But… is it hard to drive, or are drivers not respecting how much power that it is packing? Back in the day it was quite easy to mash the throttle WFO on a Frog that was push’n 50 brushed watts (if you were lucky). The Traxxas drag car is probably push’n close to a Thousands watts of brushless power, so no doubt it should be hard to slam the throttle wide open on it. But… Traxxas may have done their typical consumers a disservice by putting so much power in it. By that I mean- most bashers just want to be able to mash it wide open and stay in complete control. Perhaps the brushed system from the Slash would have been a better fit? Any which way, look for a BigSquid review on the Traxxas drag car at some point in the future (read- as soon as Peter can get one in our hands).

On a different note…

2012 was supposed to be the year of the “gas” engine. In case it has slipped your mind already, HPI promised all sorts of warm cuddly things about their trick new “Extreme” gas engines that they were going to release after the Nuremberg show. These are the gas engines that were supposed to fix all the issues nitro engines have, and they were supposed to be the catalyst to swing the rc world back to fuel from batteries. Unfortunately, those units have yet to surface (they were first quoted to be shipping in March) and we are rapidly approaching the half way point of the year. We haven’t heard any more word on a due date from the HPI camp, but we continue to hear rumors of a gasser coming out of the Lone Star State. Will 2012 eventually turn out to be the year of the gassers, or will we have to keep waiting?

Here’s what coming your way this week on the Squid…

Tuesday is review day and this week I hear Brian has a real barn burner to post. Wednesday is chat day, join us at 10 pm CST on the front page to hang out with the BSRC bash crew and talk rc smack. Thursday I answer your questions in ASK Cubby, if your question makes the front page you get free stickers, and I’ll be picking a “question of the month” where the winner gets one of our uber new BSRC t-shirts. Oh and… all week long look for various press releases and wacky news/posts.

Thanks for reading, and as always, support your local hobby shops, tracks, and bash spots.

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