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THE Cub Report, 05.20.2013, Version- Give ‘Em Enough Rope

ama motocrossHappy Monday everyone and thanks for tuning in to another Cub Report, my weekly smack talk on the world of rc.

Holly mackerel, RV2 pwn’ed the field at the 2013 opener of the motocross nationals over the weekend. RC and Bubba have had perfect outdoor seasons in the past and the way Ryan rode on Saturday it looks like he simply can not be beat. If the 450 class is going to be interesting this summer somebody has to step it up. Seriously, please, anybody. But… Bubba is toughing it out with a bum knee, Dungey looks as if he isn’t pushing very hard, Reed has been having issues, and the Honda combo of TC and Bam-Bam look to be a couple ticks off the pace. At least the 250 class looks to be a dog fight all summer…

And in the world of rc…

Our BigSquid Bash Crew member “Bill the Wrench guy” is big into those wacky looking “cartoon cars” on Facebook, he has those things littered all over his FB feed. I personally don’t get the attraction, they just look goofy to me.

Cue Kyosho with their announcement of their new “Comic Racers” at the Shizuoka Hobby Show last week. Now… I detest Mini-Z’s with a passion, they are simply to small to be used on rough surfaces, they are slow, and they are far too small for my old eyes/hands to even think about working on. However… I’m a huge believer in evolution. Everything in this world has to evolve, it’s just the nature of things, and the “Comic” look just might be where rc is headed because it is so unique.

So… rc has been going through this big resurgence of scale looking vehicles since the day the Traxxas Slash came out. Of course scale looks are great for the hobby but with them being so en vogue right now there inevitably has to be a time when it fades away and the hobby goes into its next phase of evolution.

So… I’m staring at the pics of the Kyosho “Comic Racers” and thinking to myself, “Oh noooo… I hope this isn’t the next big fad.”. I say that because I personally detest the look and UFO machines aren’t as good for our mainstream image as scale type machinery. But… I know the “Comic/Cartoon” look just might have a chance of taking off, after all Wrench digs them and so would a lot of people just looking for something new and different.

While the “Comic” look might not take off in the Kyosho/Mini-Z size, I know if Traxxas were to put out some sic looking 10th scale versions there are other big name manufactures who would jump right on that bandwagon. The “Comic” genre is somewhere rc has never been before, with manufactures always looking for the next big thing it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we start seeing more of them hitting the market. Would I buy one? Oh heck no, I would burn them with fire, but then that’s what I said about the Slash and now I have a half dozen SCT’s in my garage…

Btw, I rarely speak kindly about Kyosho, but you gotta give them props for laying it on the line and putting out vehicles like the NeXXT and the Comic Racer, it takes balls to put out radically styled vehicles like those.

On a different note…

We are giving away a brand spank’n new Durango this week on our Wednesday night G+ Live show, check it out to have your shot at winning.

That’s it for this week ya’ll, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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