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THE Cub Report- 05.29.2011, Version- I’d Like a Hamburger, Fries, 6S and A 1200 Watt BL Motor On The Side

Cubby Boorah rc fans, it’s Memorial weekend and yes, even your beloved Cubby has to work. Ughhhh… the impossibly hard to live life of an internet pundit, now that’s what I’m all about.

Breaking Bad- new season starts July 17th. Just say’n…

Vettel won the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco over the weekend. Ughhhh…. And it’s not that I don’t like Sebastian Vettel, it’s the fact that I would rather not know who’s going to win a race before it even starts. Just say’n…

Ryan Dungey had the big kids class all wrapped up in Texas until his RM-Z450 died in the second moto. The Dung’ DNF’ed a moto in supercross this year, now he DNF’s a moto in the nationals, something strange has gotta be in the water over at team Suzuki.

Oh ya, what about rc?

ROAR has announced they are busy formulating rules for a new Short Course Buggy class. Over on one of the ROAR guys was talking about how they are looking at the Kyosho Ultima DB and the Losi SCB to help determine the rules. Ya know, in a perfect universe, instead of measuring the K-car and the Losi, ROAR should be at TORC and LOORS (or is it LOORRS?) events measuring full scale rides. Seriously, if you want the class to get off to a proper start, and you want the class to remain true to its full scale origins, the only proper way to formulate the rules is to go strictly off a full scaler. Is the Kyosho or the Losi even close to being scale? Maybe, maybe not, (certainly not in the tire/rim department) but ROAR needs to quit thinking short term, and start thinking what is best for our hobby long term. If ROAR were to look at the full scalers then determine the rules- the manufactures might have to change some parts here and there to meet regs, but if you are going to make rules they might as well be proper ones, not ones suited to the non-scale product the manufactures chose to put out. Lastly, if you make the rules right the first time, you won’t need to come back and keep changing them all the time, just say’n…

Brian and Wrench have been driving the tires off our Axial Wraith test truck. I’m not a crawler kinda guy, but I have to say it’s one sharp looking truck. How good is the new Wraith? Well the review looks to be going up in the next couple weeks, so keep an eye on our main page.

I heard Brian got all the loose ends tied up for BigSquids first summer bash, look for complete info to be posted in the next few days. If you live in the Chi-Town area and want to meet up and do some hardcore bashing (or heck, be extra cool and make it a road trip!) this event will be for you! Big air, big crashes, and even bigger fun!

This marketing to the masses stuff is paying off, every time I hit a practice day at the track the place seems to be crawling with noobs, which of course is awesome! The more the merrier in our hobby I say. But… many of these noobs are showing up wayyyyy over powered. The first car I got was one of the Cox nitro jobs that wasn’t even rc, you grabbed the front wheels and manually turned them the direction you wanted the buggy to go (this was back in the early 70’s). I got my first “real” rc car in the 80’s. That’s been over 2 decades ago. Amazing how easy it was for me to forget just how hard it was for me to drive a hobby grade rc car for the first time. But… after thinking back about it, I can NOT imagine myself trying to learn how to drive figure 8’s with a 6S Revo, or 4S Slash 4×4, or 4S RC8E. Heck, the Mabuchi motor on 6 cell NiCd power system that I started with felt way over powered the first week I was pulling trigger.

Now I totally realize all the marketing makes noobs want that uber 6S Revo, and I’m not saying noobs shouldn’t buy one of those. I totally think noobs should buy whatever it is that catches their fancy. What I am saying is that for every 6S Revo that goes out the door with a total noob that a brushed Slash needs to go with it. A bone stock brushed Slash is no slouch, yet is a hell of a lot easier (and cheaper!) to learn on than some 1200 watt monster. Once a new driver learns how to turn both left and right going both towards and away from himself, then break out the high zoot Revo. Just say’n this because total noobs can not have a good experience while learning the basics on an over powered land missile (and they are hella dangerous to everyone else while doing so).

That’s it for this week folks. Never forget those that gave their lives for our freedom. And oh ya- hit up your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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