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The Cub Report 05.04.08

In a week that featured the #22 of Chad Reed winning his second AMA Supercross title, and the beautiful filly Eight Belles giving her life for the run to the roses, it’s been awfully dead in the rc world.

Some news was made last week when Trinity announced that Ed Bridges of the famed EB Mods had come on board. Ed is best known for producing some of the gnarliest, pwnalicious nitro engines on the planet. Looks like we all can look for some new fire breathers to leave the Big T’s doors after Ed gets his hands on them.

The resurgent HPI/Hot Bodies released more info on their new Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition. To boil the fat off the top, it’s their rock solid Cyclone D4 with loads of uber-tech hop-ups. Strangely, after nearly two decades of decline, the electric 4wd class is all the rage again, and HPI/HB is not missing the boat. Their D4 CE is every bit as trick as anything on the market.

I would like to issue my first challenge to my readers out there. I’ve pondered just why there are 3 or 4 qualifiers, and only single mains used in racing rc cars. If you actually have a good reason for this, please email the answer to Brian at Personally, I’d rather have more racing and less screwing around all day qualifying. My challenge is for my readers, both the lovers and the haters, to
conjure up a reasonable explanation on just why qualifying three quarters of the day is so much better than racing. Carry on.

Well that draws to a close the shortest edition of the Cub Report. Some might think that is a wonderful thing, but I’d rather the industry bust out some interesting products or bumbles for me to write about!

Till next week, crash hard, qualify all day, God Speed Eight Belles, and support your local hobby shop guy, he misses you.


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