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THE Cub Report 05.08.09 – What Is Wrong With People?!

Like the title implies, just what the hell is wrong with some of you people? I only say this because the last two months has been uber hell at various tracks across the Midwest. I’ve seen more transmitters thrown, more straight up hacks, more yelling, more cheating, more screaming, more blood vessels pop’n out of racers foreheads, more bloody sailor cursing, more yelling at marshals, more yelling at little kids, and more “keep it pinned on the main straight after the race is over and break the a-hole who hacked me on lap 3” than I’ve seen in years. Yes indeed, we take our “toy” car racing seriously, but the more “serious” you are about your racing, the more professional you should behave, not the more like a whining two year old.

Now, the bulk of the blame falls squarely on the racers shoulders who don’t have the temperament to be on a racetrack. There are people with HUGE mental problems racing rc cars. Witnessing the way they behave at the track, I hate to imagine how badly they beat their wives and kids when they get home. I mean Seriously, if someone can’t handle racing “toy” cars for “fun”, how the hell can they handle the ups and downs of the “real” world? How many people did they run off the road on the way to the track? How many nuns did they flip off that day? How many cats did they strangle just to watch their eyes grow dim? There truly are some sickos racing down at the local dirt track, and I’ve had enough of their bull!#$@.

There is also another culprit to this problem. Race directors with no stones. Most race directors will not issue a track ban to the trouble makers. Hum, lets see here, they let one or two a-holes ruin the fun for everyone else, all the while, when new people show up to race or to watch, they are run off or simply refuse to ever come back. Just how many people does one bad apple run off anyways? My guess is a LOT if you count over a period of time. So grow some balls race directors, this is a family sport that should promote good sportsmanship. If someone crosses the line, ban them. Yes, the offender will flip out as he’s leaving the building, but you’ll help teach them a valuable lesson and stop running off all the noobs.

What is “crossing the line”? At the very least, throwing objects, purposely breaking objects, purposely crashing others on the track (unless it’s between friends and that’s how they race to have fun), and yelling at children are all WAY over the line to me. In fact, if you want to truly clean up a track, you can include cursing and yelling at marshals. Ban the first couple of bad offenders, and the not so bad guys will get the hint (and maybe even start having fun).

That is one of the beauties of the RC Pro Series. The guy running that show doesn’t take any crap from racers. They know up front what the rules are, and they know they will be enforced. In the end, it’s good business. As a racer, you know if some butt-wad hacks you in the main, he will be penalized for it. Also as a racer, you are careful to not get into someone else because you know you won’t get away with it. My money feels much better spent when I know I will be driving a clean main without fear of being hacked to death.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

On a different note, props to Traxxas. Props to them holding rc racing at their 1:1 TORC series races. Outstanding call. Bring rc racing to the masses. Expose the masses to the hobby grade side of the industry. Bring in that fresh blood this sport so desperately needs.

Thanks for reading yet another edition of The Cub Report. Support those local hobby shops, tell your local race directors to grow a set, and promote your sport with stickers on your 1:1 rides.

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