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THE Cub Report, 05.31.09, Version- Waynes World

Very slow week news wise in our industry, so…

Lucas Oil. Seen the new stadium in Indy? Watch AMA motocross, where Lucas Oil is the title sponsor? What about the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, where Associated is the exclusive rc car of the series? I don’t know anything about Lucas Oil, but sometimes I think they have Shawn Palmer as their marketing man. They gotta be doing something right, and I think I’ll have to give their products a spin, if for not other reason than Associated is supporting their off road series.

BigSquid is moving up in the world. Our editor in chief refuses to tout his own accomplishments, but there are roughly a half dozen people on staff now days, and some uber new digs. Give us a couple more years, and BigSquid will no longer be the red headed step child of the rc media world. For years, BigSquid was a type of Chicago rc news site. Now days, the site is well known national wide, and has good following abroad. We have broke dozens of stories here, offending hundreds, and made certain rag media personnel shake in their boots. It’s been an interesting trip to this point, and looks to only get better from here.

This week, I want to thank all our readers. I used to think only other industry types read The Cub Report, but it seems to have caught on in a few other circles. Party on Wayne, party on Garth.

I’ve seemingly been called out by RC Pro Series owner Carlton Eppes. An interview he wants, a “no holds barred” interview he shall receive. If we get lucky and have good lines of communication, I hope to publish said interview right here in the next couple weeks.

Till next week, support your sport, give the good folks at your LHS a visit, and drop by and run a couple classes at your local track.

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