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THE Cub Report- 07.11.2011- The Church Bells Are Ringing In Maranello!

Cubby Yes race fans, Fernando Alonzo and Ferrari took the win at the Silverstone Formula 1 grand prix over the weekend, let those church bells ring! About dern time to see Ferrari back on top!

Goodness bless Novak, the mighty Team Orange, they were the first with the balls to go full bore into brushless in 2002 and have been putting out lots of brushless product since. But some are saying they are putting out too much product? How can a company put out too much product? I noticed a few weeks ago when I got the new Tower Hobbies Speedmart sales flier in the mail that Novak has developed a rather vast product line. The latest issue includes two full pages of Novak motors and speedo’s for sale. Imagine if you were just some noob- how in the world would you ever be able to determine exactly which model is best suited for your car/truck? Novak must be applauded for offering a set-up for every niche, but for the bulk of the world, only a few models will do just fine. Yes I know, for brushless aficionado’s the Novak line-up is a dream come true, but those arguing the line up is too large, they do have a point.
Btw, I hear the new Novak Ballistic 8 1.5Y and 2D motors are crazy-way-super-dope, can’t wait to see them run on track.

On a different note…

Horizon had great idea with their while “TLR” labeling for “racing” vehicles, but I knew it was just a matter of time before they screwed it up. For the “TLR” name to mean something different than just “Losi“, and for it to be worth all the marketing bucks thrown at it, Horizon needed to be Very selective which products the moniker was used on. Which brings me to… Last week Horizon issued the press release for their new Losi 22 RTR buggy. The kit version of the 22 is branded a TLR product, but now the RTR version is branded as simply Losi. So… a buggy designed from the ground up to be the most lethal racing weapon the world has ever seen is a TLR if it’s a kit, but it’s only a Losi when in RTR form? The Eight 2.0 race roller makes the TLR cut but the 22 RTR doesn’t? The 18th scale Pro roller rock crawler gets stamped as a TLR, but not the 22 RTR? For the whole “TLR” concept to work you can’t confuse the consumer, and right now it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between an uber TLR and a regular ole’ Losi. Just say’n…

Breaking Bad- the best show on TV has its season 4 premier Sunday July 17th at 9 pm central time on AMC. It’s not a show for kids, but for rc’ers old enough to buy a beer it’s some dern good tv.

Win Cubby’s Gambler. Yes, I reviewed a Venom Gambler for BSRC, and I am getting ready to give our test truck away. Yes, it was the actual truck from my review, and yes, I’ve wheeled it for months and had a great time with it. Once we reach 700 followers on Facebook I’ll announce just what kind of wacky criteria I’ve come up with to give the truck away. ­čÖé Hope you guys are ready because this should be one fun give-away.

RCX Chicago is only 26 days away and guess what? Yup, BSRC is holding their uber-mega bash event Bash-A-Palooza there. If you are hardcore basher, this is your gathering of the juggalos, you can not miss this event. We’ve already heard from people driving in from as far away as Colorado and Florida for this monster, start making your plans now.

I hear our Tuesday review this week is going to be one of the new 10th scale Thunder Tiger trucks. Check in Tuesday to find out if Thunder Tiger continues working their way up the ladder, or if their gear doesn’t live up to the hype.

That’s it for this week from the most splenetic pundit in rc, till next week support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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