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THE Cub Report- 08.01.2011- Conspiracy Of One

Cubby Yes indeed you are once again reading what is considered by nearly no one the best rc based pundit piece on the entire intrernet, THE Cub Report.

Have you checked out the torture testing vids Brian worked up for the Electrix Boost and the Thunder Tiger DT12 SC? Why would we even post such a thing? Because… wait for it… pretty much to prove that when we say a buggy/truck is tough, we actually mean it, and there are the vids to prove it. We don’t write up test reports before we actually have the truck in hand like some other media outlets have done. We don’t have to get our reviews proof read by the manufacture before it gets posted. We don’t do it to bad mouth a product, I mean you haven’t seen us post a vid of a truck we taco’ed or broke in half have ya (ok, I take that one back… LOL, but never in malice)? When something breaks we do report it, when it doesn’t break we want the world to see just how tough the new Electrix and Thunder Tiger is. Toughness sells to the basher crowd, period. Chances are if you are reading this you are either a marketing guy at Traxxas, on the board at ROAR (hi guys!), or you are a basher (like 90% of the rc community), and you wanna know if that new truck you are looking at buying is gonna break in half the first time you accidentally tap a curb, we hope our testing and reviews help you out that’s all.

Oh and… speaking of Electrix…. three words- Short Course Truck. How cool will, I mean would that be for them to put out, I mean possibly put out an affordable yet unbreakable short course truck? 🙂

I hear the BSRC “Basher Approved” logo is going to appear in some pretty cool magazine ads all around the world. What am I talking about? You’ll just have to wait and see but when you do hopefully you’ll be stoked to see a company advertise the fact their product was tough enough to win our highest award.

Ok, so you wanna hit the coolest bashfest on the planet but don’t know where to go. Hey, it’s called Bash-A-Palooza and it goes down this Saturday in Chicago at RCX! We’ve got bashers driving in from Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Ohio, and we are cordially asking for you to attend as well. We want your support of our event, and no, we aren’t making a dime off of it. Anywhos… here’s some quick facts you’ll need to know when you attend Bash-A-Palooza…

There is no entry fee for Bash-A-Palooza. By that I mean zero, nada. But… you’ll have to pay to enter RCX, regular ticket price is $20, but you can buy them cheaper on-line. We have inquired if there will be a parking fee for your full size scoot and haven’t gotten a solid answer, my guess is expect to pay $10 to park. If we find out more info on parking we’ll post and let ya know.

There are two different “classes” at Bash-A-Palooza- Monster Truck and Short Course. Read- no 8th scales. Why no love for the 8th scales? Because we’ll have a lot of guys out there running bone stock 2wd Slash’s, not a good mix with fire breathing 8th scale buggies. Anyways, you can enter just one class or both, but you can’t enter multiple times in both.

The RCX guys told us we will be supplied with AC power.

You’ll want to bring an extension cord, power strip, pit table and chair with you. RCX has said they “might” be supplying pit tables, but bring yours just in case. Oh and spare parts, lots of’em! 🙂

Brain (aka- Brian) and Wrench are the guys work’n Bash-A-Palooza, Saturday is your chance to hang out with’em and bench-race about bashing.

Bash-A-Palooza is located on the second level of the Odium where there is normally an indoor soccer field. The soccer astro-turf has been pulled up for RCX so we’ll be running on concrete.

Nitro is cool at RCX and I hope a lot of you guys bring it, we’ll need the extra noise to get the muggles upstairs to see what bashing is all about.

BSRC will have some CRAZY HOT booth babes running around the show. Feel absolutely free to ask to have your picture taken with them if you want, that’s what they are there for.

Bash-A-Palooza will be on the second level but we’ll also have a small booth downstairs next to Air Age/RCCA and the Mini-Z track. Evan, Adam The Intern and Pro Driver Guy Tim will be working the booth. Stop by the booth, say hello and pick up some free BSRC stickers!

Registration for Bash-A-Palooza starts at 10 am and ends at 11 am . You can warm-up/practice from 10 to 11. First event starts promptly at 11 am. We’ll be taking a break somewhere in the middle of the day for people to grab some food and walk the show (read- try to get BSRC booth babe phone numbers).

When will Bash-A-Palooza get over? I have no idea, that will be determined by how many entries we get. I will say the show closes at 8 pm so we can’t go any longer than that.

Free stuff. Thanks to our sponsors we have a lot of free stuff to give away. From little stuff like t-shirts up to brand spank’n new trucks when you enter Bash-A-Palooza you will get a ticket that gives you a shot at winning the swag. We will not be selling these tickets so your chance of winning depends on how many entries we get. And ya, you actually have to compete with a truck to enter.

This is a no pressure environment, no seriously I mean it. Bash-A-Palooza is just about fun, period. You don’t win any award for going the fastest, or jumping the highest, it’s about hang’n out with other bashers and having a blast while going huge.

You gotta be on DSM/2.4 GHz to enter. There are simply too many cars driving around at RCX to even attempt running on 27 or 75 MGz. And hey, it might be a great excuse for ya to pick up that new Tactic or Futaba radio you’ve been wanting.

That’s it for this week, hope to see you are RCX but if you can’t make it support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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