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THE Cub Report, 08.30.2010- Version Viva Scuderia Ferrari!

So I started getting the text messages from Brian around noon today, “Cubby, where the HELL is THE Cub Report?”, “Hey call me, I am getting a bunch of emails wondering where THE Cub Report is!”, etc.

Last fall I was pretty burnt out on our hobby. When I had originally signed on with BigSquid I agreed to write a Cub Report each week, but over time I was seriously slack’n, and when I didn’t have anything good to write about the Cub Reports would often be a week or more late. Well, each year iHobby expo is the time we sit down and see how things are going, and last year it was obvious I was pretty burnt out, but I promised I would try my best to keep pump’n them out. BigSquid continued to grow, so right before January I decided that I would give 100% to BigSquid for one more year, one more big push to see just how far we could take this website. So when I made my commitment to give a big push for 2010, I also had the talk with the man in charge Brian, asking him to do the same. We basically had the talk of “lets make a big push in 2010, give it 100%, then sit down at iHobby 2010 and just see if it’s worth all the work”. So far, 2010 has been ridiculously incredible, basically going from a wanna-be/poser website to the rc site that is leading the pack into the switch over to the internet era.

As I have mentioned before, THE Cub Report starts out on Sunday mornings. Texts go flying back and forth between myself, Brian, and a half dozen industry peeps trying to come up with good ideas to write about. Yesterday (Sunday) I was coming back from the AMA motocross national in Southwick Mass and the normal texts were exchanged, but I was nowhere near a computer, and even worse, I was feeling down about our hobby. If you are too deep into our hobby it’s hard to see it, you just get used to it and it’s hard to see all of the problems, but when you frequent events that aren’t all F’d up like AMA motocross, it’s obvious that rc racing is under achieving. Hence the reason I was in no hurry to sit down and mash out a Cub Report last night, I just hate seeing a hobby that could be excelling, floundering around.

So I’m wondering, does a Cub Report on why I was late with a Cub Report really count? I guess it’s going to have to, because I’ve got nothing else for ya this week. LOL But thanks to all those people that flipped out because it was missing, it’s still hard for me to believe that people are actually reading this. I hate submitting less than stellar Cub Reports, but more importantly to me is that I do get one pumped out, and that is at least keeping it real with the readers, for better or worse. The only consolation prize is that I will have a pretty uber “ASK Cubby” coming out this week, so keep your eyes peeled on BigSquid Thursday. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and as always, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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