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THE Cub Report, 09.20.2010 Version- Nobody’s Listening

“Try to give you warning, But everyone ignores me, Told you everything loud and clear, But nobody’s listening, Call to you so clearly, But you don’t want to hear me,Told you everything loud and clear, But nobody’s listening”
Linkin Park

For years I’ve gone off on how messed up the “stock” class is…. and it’s quite obvious nobody’s listening.

The IIC race was held a couple weeks ago out in Vegas. IIC stands for “International Indoor Championships” and is put on by arguably the best race announcer (and promoter) in the country, Scotty Ernst. This is an indoor carpet race that typically brings in the most elite competition from all over the world, and this year was no different. The IIC is considered by many to be the best indoor race on the calender.

So just how was it that two time IFMAR world champ Atsushi Hara won a 17.5 class at this years IIC? Lets see here, aren’t 17.5 brushless motors supposed to be used in the “stock” class? Well technically, Hara won the “17.5 Super Stock” class, some are referring to it as the “17.5 Expert” class, but still, a 17.5 is a 17.5.

I’ve got a few more questions burning in my head. Isn’t a 17.5 “Expert class” an oxymoron? Isn’t the “stock” class for less experienced racers? Why would one of the best promoters in the country even allow an IFMAR world champ in a 17.5 class? Why would a world champ even WANT to race in a 17.5 class? Is there any honor in a world champ winning a 17.5 class?

I can not speak for Carlton Eppes of the RC Pro Series, but I’d guess he wouldn’t let a world champ race in a class intended for mere mortals. Hell, as much as I like to bag on ROAR, IMO they wouldn’t allow it either. (I’m quite certain both will let me know how they feel on this subject in the next few hours! LOL) There are lots of things messed up in rc racing, and while some are
nearly impossible to fix, others, like world champs racing a stock class, are Very easy.

On a different note, my nominee for most obvious press release of the week goes to Losi, for announcing “Team Losi Racing Sweeps Podium at Rock Crawling Nationals”. My first thought was “does Austin Dunn drive for Losi now?”, but after actually opening and reading the PR I find out Losi swept the 1.9 class. Isn’t Losi the only manufacture in that class? Wow, nice sweep Losi. I hope they don’t forget to shoot me the press release when they sweep the micro short course nationals.

The new page that Brian and Jeff designed for BSRC looks pretty uber eh? In case you haven’t noticed the new “BSRC Shop” tab, give it a click for stickers, and some new bashing swag coming soon! Also, give the forum a try, feel free to talk all the smack you want. 🙂

That’s it for this week, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots.

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