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THE Cub Report- 09.26.2011- Version: Pumped Up Kicks

Cubby Yes indeed it’s that time again, time for yet another funtabulous edition of THE Cub Report.

We are sooo far behind on testing gear around here, which is a nice position to be in of course, but we are having trouble findings good spots to test at. While we do a lot of our testing in typical bash conditions (streets, parking lots, skate parks, etc) we also like to test the gear on prep’ed rc tracks. But… that isn’t easy around the greater Chicago metro area.

You’d think with Chicago being the third largest metro in the U S of freak’n A that we’d have tons of tracks we could drop by and play around on, but that is not the case, in fact there really isn’t one dirt track that we can show up to and just goof around (read- “test” gear… LOL). Yes certainly Chicago does have its fair share of tracks, but most tracks have gone to “we are only open on race days” schedules which leaves basher types out in the cold. And I can totally understand why track owners think there is no need to cater to the basher market. Bashers show up and don’t like “following” the rules (how dare they? LOL). The poor racer types then go whining and crying to the track owners and sooner or later changes are made to make the track inhospitable to the bashers.

“That idiot basher guy has lights on his truck and they shine in my eyes and make it hard for me to see my Mugen buggy on the track.”

“That basher guy is a moron, what’s he doing driving a Stampede out there? Doesn’t he know this is an 8th scale track?”

“Those two bottom feeding basher guys are ramming into each other… on purpose! Are they mentally ill? You have to ban them!”

“Those basher guys are creating a hazard by going too slow and taking weird lines out there!”

“That basher guy lost a front wheel and just kept on driving till his battery dumped, what the heck was he thinking????”

“That basher dude isn’t even running a body on his truck, ban PLEASE!”

“Did you see that? That basher guy is using reverse! What an idiot, doesn’t he know reverse is I L L E G A L?!!!”

There is not another group of grown men on the planet that b!tch and moan more than the local “hard core” racer types (and before you shoot that email, yes I know I’m a pot calling the kettle black… LOL). The local hard core types always claim to be practicing for “Billy Bob’s Big Blow-out Blumpkin Race” or they are doing “top secret testing for my sponsors” trying to make each and every moment of their track time seem so incredibly important that a basher isn’t even worthy of sharing the track with him.

But… there are just so many more bashers than racers (like 9 to 1) that I’m amazed some entrepreneurial types haven’t opened “bash tracks”. What would a “bash track” be? Simply… a prep’ed track with no scoring loop. A track where no races ever happen. A track that caters to people that just want to show up and run their rc over cool obstacles and have a good time. A track with big jumps and ultra wide lanes (or no lanes at all). Or simpler still, a place where basher types can show up and be free of racing types. I’d pay to hit a bash track a few times a week, heck our entire crew would, and I’m betting a lot of others would as well….

On a different note… look for a Bunch of reviews this week starting with our Tuesday reviews of the new uber (hadn’t used “uber” yet, so I had to slip it in) Duratrax Onyx chargers and an HPI truck on Tuesday, then look for a couple more reviews later in the week.

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That’s it for this week ya bunch of rc banditos, support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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