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THE Cub Report, 09.29.2013, Version- Even if you don’t like THE Cub Report, You like THE Cub Report

RC Monster TruckWow, I just got done watching the Motocross of Nations from Germany and I gotta say I was left with a very sour taste in my mouth. No, America once again didn’t really send their “A-Team”, but even still, we should have won. It was disappointing to watch ET throw away (literally) a top 2 finish in the first moto, and almost embarrassing to watch The Dunge cruise around in 7th place behind riders he should have blown by. Bam Bam had some good rides, but overall I feel like former American teams used to be all heart, pulling out wins for the fans back home, now days, not so much.

Speaking of Des Nations…

The IFMAR 10th scale 2 & 4wd off road worlds went off last week out in California. Brian told me Steve from STRC shot him a preemptive email about a potential rant from me about the race, and well, ya, I’m not a fan of that (or really any IFMAR) race. Why? Because I know what off-road is, and what it isn’t. Unlike seemingly everyone building rc tracks now days, I’ve actually raced the real deal, off-road trucks and motocross. I’ve never raced a true off-road track that was coated with sugar for insane traction. I’ve never raced a true off-road track where the track didn’t deteriorate every lap. I’ve never raced a true off-road track that wasn’t blow to hell by the end of the day. The IFMAR “off-road” track out in California was a joke, they need to quit hiding the fact it isn’t off-road anymore and just go ahead and either pave or carpet the sucker.

I also have a huge problem with the fact that the world champs for the next two years are determined by their performance at a single event. Congrats to the winners and all, obviously they were dialed and worked their asses off to win, but when an event just screams “We are doing this for marketing purposes only!!” instead of “We actually want to determine the fastest guy”, it just looks like a sham to me. And if I see it as a sham, you can bet there are plenty of consumers thinking the same thing.

Current IFMAR world championship races (all of them) would be better off being a type of rc des nations. If you aren’t into moto and don’t know what MXdn/Motocross of Nations is, here is the scoop. Every year, moto holds a single weekend event where the top 3 riders from each country compete to determine which country is the fastest. It is hugely popular in the moto world, even though the “title” is really just bragging rights.

Anywhos… on to important stuff…

This coming week is sorta like Superbowl week to us. It is iHobby week. iHobby means an awful lot to BigSquidRC. Supporting previous iHobby shows arguably put us on the map with the industry. Us being there in full force, putting on demos and handing stickers out to anyone with a heartbeat helped show the industry that BigSquidRC was legit, that we truly care about the hobby, and that we are here for the long haul.

This year at iHobby… like always, we’ve probably bitten off more than we can chew. We’ll be doing 2 demo’s per day, and giving away a brand spank’n new truck at the end of each demo on consumer days. We’ll have a huge booth with something cool on the bigscreens. We’ll have plenty of BigSquidRC Girls walking around looking hot and ready to take pictures with you. We’ll have a booth full of maniacs talking all sorts of rc smack (read- the Bash Crew). Oh ya, we’ll have all the free stickers you want, plus we’ll be giving away swag like t-shirts all weekend. If you are an industry type, we have killer “Show Specials” for new advertisers. Oh ya, we are going to have some very cool stuff in our booth from Hobbico.

For exhibitors, here is who will be there on the surface side (btw, the show is officially sold out for booth space). Horizon- Losi/ECX/Dynamite/Vattera, HRP Distributing- Savox/CEN/G-Made/Racers Edge, RedCat, Castle Creation, Bob Smith CA glues, Du-Bro, Hitec, HobbyTown USA, Killer Body RC, MRC, and Parma among others. The 2013 iHobby Expo opens to consumers at 10 am this Saturday at the Schaumburg Convention Center here in Chicago Illinois. Come on out and enjoy a day (or 2!) filled to the rim with more rc fun than you can handle. Children and boy scouts (under 18) in uniform are admitted for free, even the parking is free this year (oh heck ya!). Adult admission is $12, seniors can get in for $10 on Sunday. If you are serious about the hobby and have never been, hop in your car and show your support this weekend.

Hey, that’s it for this week, I will be seeing many of you this weekend but if you can’t make the show don’t forget to support your local hobby shops and bash spots.

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