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THE Cub Report, 09.29.2014, Version- iHobby 2014 or Bust

Cubbys haremYes, the BSRC Bash Crew gets really slammed the weekend before the iHobby Expo, so I’ll keep it short this weekend (read- I always say that, and it never happens… LOL).

Here are the best reasons to attend iHobby this weekend in Schaumburg Illinois.

1. We’ll be world premiering a HUGE new release in our booth on Thursday at 11 am CST. Because Thursday and Friday (morning) are dealer only days, only people working in the hobby will get to see this mega exclusive first. Oh and, just because that isn’t kick a$$ enough, we are even giving away free t-shirts to people standing at our booth to see the new vehicle. The t-shirt has the companies name, the name of the new vehicle, and a commemorative BSRC/iHobby 2104 logo on the back. If you are a dealer/hobby shop, you need to be there!

2. Our booth babes are hot and love having their picture taken with you. Seriously, drop by our booth and get your pic taken with one of our booth babes, that’s what they are there for.

3. Big Squid RC Monthly will be making its premier at the show. This is our first ever free monthly print/fusion/flyer and you’ll seriously want to get your hands on it. Our monthly has some very cool stuff inside and is sure to be a collectors item.

4. The BSRC FPV/Track Drone is back! You’ll be able to get some hands-on FPV truck driving in our booth again this year. If you’ve never driven FPV this a great way for you to get your feet wet without having to spend hundreds of dollars on your own gear.

5. We have another HUGE exclusive world vehicle premier on Saturday at 11 am CST. The vehicle that we reveal for one of the major manufactures is HUGE news that you will not want to miss. FYI, this will be the not-yet-released vehicle that we’ll be giving away October 19th at the BSRC 10 Year Anniversary Bash at Leisure Hours Raceways in Joliet Illinois.

6. For the first time ever, we are bringing the pure uberness that our demos are to the flying cage! Yes, twice a day we’ll be putting on some wild and crazy demos in the air cage, ending of course with us giving away some free quads to random people out in the crowd during our shows on the consumer days!

7. Oh ya, our surface demos are freak’n insane. Maybe you’ve never seen a half dozen crazed bashers destroy their cars for your enjoyment, but we do it twice every day at iHobby. At the end of each of our shows on Sat & Sun, we’ll be giving away 2 ARRMA vehicles to some lucky people out in the crowd!

8. I’m still not done with our surface demo, but this deserves its own bullet point. During two of our shows on the weekend, we will be giving away one of the trucks we exclusively announced that Thursday. So if you make it to our demos you’ll have a chance to win a truck that isn’t available to anyone else on the planet yet!! How freak’n rad is that?

9. Still not done with our surface demos yet. LOL. So we are giving away bash vehicles after every demo on consumer days, plus giving away vehicles you can’t even buy yet, and we have a TON of extra swag to throw out into the crowd (like t-shirts, lanyards, and various items). We have minimally 30 items to give away at each demo on Sat and Sun.

10. Parking is cheap (read- FREE)! And pricing to get in is affordable (and kids are FREE)! And of course we have loads of FREE BSRC stickers in our booth!

11. Ya, the BigSquidRC booth will be off the hook (it’s nearly all new this year), but there are a ton of other cool exhibitors. Companies like Traxxas, PARMA, Killerbody RC and Horizon will have booths will all sorts of cool stuff inside. , It’s also awesome to get to talk to the people that make some of your favorite bashing gear live in person!

12. Many of the booths will be selling this year. Your LHS never keeps diddly squat in stock? Grab your buddies, make the trip, and pick up some iHobby Show Specials!

Ok, so I’ve gone wayyyy long (again) and still haven’t even begin to tap all the reasons to hit the show. All I can say is, if you are a hardcore hobbyist and have never made the trip, why not make this year your first? Or if you’ve already been, why not check it out again?

To get complete details head on over to the Official iHobby 2014 Website, and hopefully see you at the show.

Industry Show Dates- Oct 2nd and 3rd
Consumer Show Dates- Oct 3rd (2-5pm) 4th (9:30 – 5pm) and 5th (9:30 – 3:00pm)

Doors open at 9:30 am on Saturday and Sunday

Support your local hobby shops, trade shows, and bash spots when ya can!

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