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THE Cub Report- 10.18.2010, It’s Show Time!

First off, a couple of updates. Our 4S Lipo battery shootout is awaiting completion pending arrival of our West Mountain discharging gear. 90% of the shootout is done, it should be just a couple more weeks till we get the uber test gear into our hands so we can collect the rest of our data.

Next, the BigSquidRC transmitter shootout should be hitting the front page before iHobby kicks off. Have you ever wondered which transmitter would win an ergonomics contest when all the testers were blindfolded and didn’t know what brand they are holding? Ever wonder which transmitter has the longest range? Ever wonder if you could actually feel a difference in speed and control between a $500 transmitter and a $70 unit? Well, we have too, and all those questions will be answered in the transmitter shootout, look for it in a couple days. Once again, expect some of the results to rock the rc world.

Myself, BigSquidRC, and all the exhibitors at the iHobby International Hobby Expo would like to invite you, your friends, and your kitchen sink to The Show this week. Dealer days are this Thursday and Friday, while the show is open to everyone this Saturday and Sunday (10 am till 5 pm). Ticket prices are 10 bucks for adults, 8 bucks for seasoned citizens over 65, and kids aged 10 and under get in for free. The Show is located in the northwest corner of the Chicago metro in a city called Rosemont, and you can get All the info Here.

As I mentioned last week, BigSquid is going big at the show. We’ll have two live cams blow’n up- a booth cam, and a booth-babe cam, both of which will be on-line during show hours Friday-Sunday (we’ll be using Thurs as a shakedown day). Look for a big link for them on the front page. During our daily driving exhibitions on the race track, we’ll be giving away Traxxas trucks (one during each of our 4 demo’s Sat and Sun), and t-shirts (from BigSquid and MaxAmps batteries). We are booth 2208, and we are located right next to the BigSquidRC Race Track. The Traxxas hauler is located right behind us, with Air Age (RCCA) to our left, and Shengzhen Vigor (who?? LOL) batteries to our right. Please drop by the booth to say hello, pick up some uber stickers, and get your pic taken with our way super dope booth babes. We are looking forward to getting to meet and talk with you guys.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. Support your local hobby shops, tracks, bash spots, and trade shows!

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