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THE Cub Report- 10.24.2011- Version: It’s Like A Hangover

Cubby What a week that was! Rarely do I show up to these things and actually make my presence known, but Brian thought it could be interesting, or at least make good video if people I haven’t been so nice with caught me in their booth, or caught me in the Big Squid RC booth. Luckily for everyone the actual confrontation count was in the single digits, and while there were some heated words exchanged, there were no actual fisticufffs.

Rarely do we have the whole crew in the same place at the same time, and it was great hanging out with everyone for the last week. After the one week of constant jabbering with people, cranking out uber demos and keeping the creepers moving along that were oogiling the Big Squid Girls a little too long, I woke up this morning feeling like I was hungover and in need of a vacation. I wonder if I can talk Brian into us needing some more RC Reports live from Hawaii.

So I’m keeping this one short this morning till I find some aspirin, so I’m just checking in. Watch for a follow up and a detailed re-cap soon. Where’s my pillow?

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