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THE Cub Report- 10.31.2011- Version: SEMA Madness

Cubby Hello rc fans, you may not know it but we are staring directly at an epic week in the rc biz. Why??? Because the SEMA show is here! Ok, some people may not know what the SEMA show is so here it is in a nutshell- it’s the biggest and best full size automotive aftermarket show on the planet. So why would us rc’ers care about a full scale auto show? Because this year both Traxxas and Axial “should be” showing some pretty ground breaking new products there. The SEMA show starts tomorrow out in Vegas.

On one hand we’ve got Axial, a company that has become a sales floor darling with their scale crawling gear, finally showing a new product that isn’t a crawler (YAY!). Their new “buggy” looks to be something completely new for them- a high speed desert bust’n machine. Combine long travel suspension and 4wd with ridiculously cool scale looks and this machine should be a bashers dream. Yes Scott, I may have passed on all your crawling machines, but I’ll take one of these. 🙂

On the other hand the Texan behemoth known as Traxxas has been promising something “game changing”, (a term they don’t just throw around like most companies do) and it’s rumored to be ready to show at SEMA. Is it going to be a 5th scale short course truck like most people think? Is it going to be electric? Is it going to be gas? Is it going to be nitro (ya right… LOL)? The world might just find out in a few hours. We heard that Traxxas had a couple of their new trucks (cars, buggys, bikes?) headed for the iHobby show but just didn’t make it. Let’s hope it’s go for SEMA this week.

Last week I mentioned how I had a rather lively convo at iHobby with one of the people in one of the booths. It didn’t take long for Brian to get a e-mail from them apologizing for whoever it was I talked to, saying that isn’t how they do business. That was very nice of the them and I certainly appreciate it. I didn’t catch the guys name though. Dude, drop me an email. I talk a lot of smack in THE Cub Report- when I walk a convention hall I do so knowing full well how many feathers I have ruffled, I do so expecting to catch an ear full from time to time, it’s part of having rc’s most read (and talked about) column.

But… on the other hand I do not appreciate other companies that have gone into full scoot mental breakdowns on Brian and Jeff. If anyone has a malfunction with rc’s most satirical column (aka- THE Cub Report) I am exceptionally easy to get a hold of and I am more than willing to buy them lunch and discuss things face to face, once again it’s part of it.

On a much different note….

Did you know BSRC has uber new t-shirts? People raved when we first wore’em at the iHobby show and they are essential equipment for hardcore bashing. They are based on the winner of the t-shirt contest we had a few weeks ago and will instantly make all your friends jealous. They only cost 20 clams and you can order them HERE.

We’ve been extra busy the last few weeks- as proof of that wait till you see the reviews we have coming your way this week. Dynamite has an uber 50C 5200 mah Lipo that we’ve reviewed- you’ll see graphs of it from 1C up to 60 amps and a verdict on how fast it’ll push your car/truck around the track. We’ll also be reviewing Sunshine Systems insanely bright LED flashlight. Yup, I know it’s not a car or truck, but it comes from a company that loves rc and it can sure make those late night bash sessions a lot easier (and is Great Fun blinding your friends with!). I’ll also be doing a review on Dr. Marty’s “Easy On” conductive grease- a product aimed at making it easy to get your connectors together and apart. Also… I’ve got a review finished up for Duratrax’s new 17.5 turn sensored brushless motor. And lastly…. I hear Brian has a surprise review in the works. Yes indeed, it has been busy around our overly posh offices, the parking lot, our local tracks, and our backyards, LOL.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of rc maniacs, thanks for reading THE Cub Report, and as always support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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