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THE Cub Report, 11.10.2014, Version- Peace and Love (And Pie Chart) Inc.

CubbyHola amigos (and amigas) and welcome to yet another satirical look at the rc world, THE Cub Report.

The next issue of Big Squid RC Monthly is just a few days away from shipping. We posted an incomplete listing of hobby shops that will have the monthly on their counters a couple of weeks ago, once issue 2 is shipping we’ll update the list so you’ll know where to lay your shock oil stained fingers on a copy. What’s in this months issue? You are gonna have to lay your hands on an issue to find out. 🙂

Will this X-mas season be dominated by the micro scene? It’s been a while since the small scalers have been hot, but with the ECX BeatBox/KickFlip and the HPI Q32 hitting shelves at ultra low price points right at X-mas, they just might put the rc world on its ear. In fact, I’ve talked with more than one industry hot shot that thinks the small scalers will be the “Proto-X” of X-mas ’14. We haven’t received any of the three new micros for testing yet, but even we are getting stoked up waiting to lay hands on them.

On a different note…

Several of my good friends are preparing for battle at local indoors tracks this winter. One of them is doing the carpet F1 thing, while two others are prepping their 2wd buggies for racing on indoor dirt tracks. These are the same friends of mine that every year get all gung-ho early in the indoor calender and by X-mas are disgusted and can’t handle it anymore. I learned years ago that I don’t have the temperament for indoor racing. I’m not wired to think that every practice session is the last lap at the IFMAR worlds and that I have to spend $80 per race on new goodies to cut a tenth off my lap time so I can win. Whewwwwww… thank goodness I outgrew that phase in my life (and hopefully my friends figure it out one of these years).

But what are the alternatives? Sadly there aren’t any indoor areas to just go and bash. There are a lot (read- L O T) of people out there that want nothing to do with racing (read- the racing crowd) but still want/need a place to get in trigger time when there is a foot of snow on the ground. Which one of you guys is willing to TOFTT and see if an indoor bash facility can pay its own way? If one of you do count on me as your first paying customer.

That’s it for this week… oh wait… you didn’t think I could finish this Cub Report without talking about the last one did you? 🙂 Yes, it ruffled all sorts of feathers and resulted in some hysterical emails getting tossed around. Amazing how one little pismire like myself can send so many people into epic meltdowns. But hey, those people melting down are the same ones who don’t realize that more bogus numbers just sink their own ship even faster. And… they don’t realize that there are a whole lot of companies in this industry sick and tired of fake numbers, and are even more tired of getting ripped off on a monthly basis.

Ok, so seriously, that is it for this week. If you get a chance drop by your LHS and say hello, and if your local bash spot isn’t frozen solid get outside and pull some trigger.

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