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THE Cub Report, 11.11.2013, Version- What Would John Crichton Do?

Dromida RCSo ya, I got the text messages and emails. I caught the wrath while at the track. It seems some people have a hard time wrapping their heads around why the BSRC front page is getting blown up with quads and helis. I can assure you we aren’t just trying to sabotage your surface news, or somebody is paying us off to make sure their “quad of the day” is shoved in front of your face. For those of you who don’t understand the wall-to-wall quad coverage, here is the scoop.

Yes, of course BSRC will always be skewed towards the surface world, however, quads are scalding hot right now, and not just the buzz from manufactures, but also among general users in the bashing world. Therefore… you can expect to see more quad coverage here on BSRC.

The BSRC Bash Crew is all about grabbing some trucks, going outside and get’n our bash on. It’s what we are all about, and have been about for decades now. But, pretty much every member of the bash crew has no problem picking up a quad controller and getting in some fly time. It’s a much different type of rc fun, a new challenge of sorts, that requires a different skill set, that gives a different type of reward. And we aren’t alone. It’s not uncommon to see the local “gnar-core racers” play’n with quads between heats, or even to see your nephew Bobby playing with one after school. Quads are easy to fly and seem to have a universal appeal, hence the reason they are everywhere from a big new shelf at your LHS, to the check out counter of your local gas station.

As we approach the holiday buying season, I’m sure you’ve seen the tidal wave of quads. All the top manufactures, from Hobbico, to Horizon, to even Traxxas, have announced new quads. From the uber tiny like the Estes Proto X, to those that have accessories like bubble machines and rocket launchers from Ares, it has to seem that quads are taking over. But even with this huge influx of 4 rotored flying machines, don’t fret my backyard bashing friends, we have not sold our souls to the devil (yet), we are still core surface guys. So think twice before you pen that epic meltdown email, or mash those keys with a holy crap text message to me. We are simply busting out the quad news because even though it might not be your thing (yet), there is a whole lot of interest out there for it.

Anywhos… that’s it for this week. Our numbers are still through the roof, so thanks for reading, and of course we’ll have plenty of cool stuff coming your way this week. Mad props and thanks to all you vets out there, and oh ya, don’t forget to support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya get a chance.

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