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THE Cub Report, 11.18.2013, Version- Underneath the Rubble Singing a Rebel Song

THE Cub ReporterI know I’ve said that I am done with F1 this season, but here I am writing this to you from Austin Texas before the USGP. The F1 season was over months ago, I swore off watching or following it, yet here I am. Some friends of mine over at Red Bull thought it was a good idea that I make it down here for the big dance, so here I sit. Red Bull cars fill the front row after qualifying, but honestly I plan to spend more time talking smack and enjoying some fine beverages during the race than actually watching it. Anyways, COTA is one hell of a track, if you think you are hot stuff racing rc, I highly recommend you make it down for the USGP sometime, it will blatantly show you the difference between playing with toy cars and real racing.

Next week I’ll be writing up my annual “What the BSRC Bash Crew wants for Christmas” Cub Report. Yup, time flies and X-mas will be here before we know it.

Hey, we are on Vine now. WTF is Vine? Well… it’s sorta like a video version of Twitter. The maximum length of a video is 6 seconds, making every video straight to the point. Personally, I can not stand 99.99999% of the videos on YouTube. IMO they are all too freak’n long and too freak’n boring for my finely tuned MTV generation brain. All those 18 minute unboxing videos of some boring moron guessing about just how good a car is gonna be? Ya, they lose me before they even crack the box open, I’m lucky to get past the 30 second mark. All those 12 minute video reviews? Ya, unless they start feeding babies to the Kraken I am a vapor trail in under a minute. Vine I can totally get in to. At 6 seconds there simply isn’t time to get bored, there isn’t time for some numbnut to ramble on about how cool he thinks the shocks look, it gets right to the meat of the subject.

So why Vine? We are down in the trenches. We don’t spend the majority of our time trying to sell ads, we spend the majority of our time breaking short course trucks in half with people we just met that day at a local parking lot. While we may not ask them their names, we certainly ask them lots of other questions. We’ve found that many of them are like me, they get bored quickly with a traditional rc video, but have no problem giving 6 seconds of their life to see what’s new at BigSquid. We have developed the reputation for leading the pack, Vine is just part of living up to that role.

Yo, have a great week ya freaks and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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