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THE Cub Report- 11.29.2011- Version: Here’s To Ice Cold Kraftig!

Cubby Cheerio fine people of the rc world and welcome to my latest uber (read- far from greatest) edition of THE Cub Report.

Traxxas rules the world, not that I had to tell you that, I only said it because it’s a nice intro. Anyways… Traxxas will finally reveal to the public at large their way-super-dope-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it brand spank’n new vehicle this week. Because they are promo’n it as the best thing since the Slash it had indeed better be something pretty revolutionary or every Traxxas fanboy on the net is totally gonna remove the word “Traxxas” from their sigs. My guess right now is it’s a nuclear powered flying ice cream machine, how sweet would that be (pun intended)? But.. I’ve been known to be wrong from time to time (read- pretty much every time). But seriously, we’ll have Mad coverage on the uber new ride from the Texan world changers ASAP (read- after Peter V lets the crew at RCCA run their dirty hands all over it for about week). Traxxas won’t return our calls now either (read- maybe somebody is get’n too big for their britches?) but we’ll get the scoopage posted regardless, I can assure you that. 🙂

In case you can’t see the gigantic banner above, it’s cyber Monday and we are giving away one of those slick Onyx dual chargers. I used it several times (read- mashed it with my hands to see what would happen) and it was easy to use as well as provided a good quality charge. And if you are running a Savage Flux or some other type of truck that takes two batts at a time the Onyx 245 really is sweet to have. So sign up, you just might win.

Not that you’d be a loser if you didn’t win the Onyx charger, as BigSquid RC is also going Huge for X-mas this year. This isn’t some poser operation going on around this joint (read- anymore.. LOL), we are also holding a “Twelve days of Christmas” contest. Actually, it is probably going to be called something else as we have wayyy more than 12 products to give away. Just denote the phrases “BigSquid”, “X-mas”, and “Win Lots And Lots Of Cool Stuff”. More info coming soon folks…

I’ve been helping out our uber 18th scale guy Tim on the new Helion Animus 18TR review. Some people still don’t know who or what Helion is and that amazes me. Helion is a company started up by some serious industry heavy hitters to sell affordable entry level trucks to the masses. Anyways… the new Animus 18TR is pretty much what it sounds like, an 18th scale truggy, and we’ve been having great fun smashing it into everything Brian holds dear in his life. Look for the review this week.

I also hear that Jeff’s highly critical RedCat review is nearly finished, as is Evan’s Horizon Losi Mini-8 review. Throw in a Venom brushless review I’m finishing up and a Speed Passion motor review Hawaiian Chris has been helping on and we should be putting out quite an interesting week of reviews here on the Squid.

You all know how adamant I am about supporting local hobby shops. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the giant out of Champaign, Hobbico, has done some cool things for local hobby shops lately. Did you see the Black Friday specials from Hobbico? Or their Cyber Monday deals? Hobbico actively encourages you to get these specials from your local hobby shops/Great Planes dealers. This hobby is dead without local hobby shops and Hobbico knows it. It’s awesome Hobbico is running their specials through local dealers, that’s something I respect and something that Hobbico deserves to get some major kudos on. So props to Hobbico, they care about their dealers and what’s good for the hobby in general.

That’s it for this week, as always support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots!

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