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THE Cub Report, 12.19.2011, Version- There Are No Roads In Bosnia (But They Have BigSquid!)

Cubby In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been doing some major upgrading behind the scenes here at the Squid. For some strange reason BigSquid keeps get’n bigger (and bigger, and bigger!!!) every month, so we’ve had to go huge behind the scenes. While we attempted to make this a seamless transition, the site has been down from time to time, which is far less than optimal (insert quote from “The Social Network” of Mark Zuckerberg saying “Okay, let me tell you the difference between Facebook and everyone else, we don’t crash EVER!”). So hang tight with us guys, I swear we are get’n a handle on things.

And… because of various behind the scene server issues we had to postpone our 20 freak’ishly uber days of X-mas contest for a couple days. It’s back today and we’re giving away some seriously cool stuff this week (like 2 new trucks, some way-super-dope Pro Line gear, etc). We’ll get it all given away before X-mas, there are no Scrooges in the BSRC offices. 🙂

Next weeks Cub Report will be featuring our entire crews take on the “RC of The Year”. I’ll go around the table at BigSquid and find out each staffers vote for “RC of The Year” and post’em for your reading pleasure. I already know who I’m pick’n and it’ll be a major shocker to the powers that be. I wonder how many other unexpected votes our bash crew will toss into the mix? Tune in next week and find out…

We’ve got more reviews coming your way this week- Hawaiian Chris and I have been working on a Speed Passion 17.5 brushless motor review, and I should also have the review for one of Radients new chargers done for your reading pleasure. As far as car/truck reviews, Brian has been driving the wheels (literally!) off the new Duratrax Evader brushless truck, expect his full review mid-week.

Oh and… I hear we’ve got a couple highly anticipated models hitting our doors this week for review, some real heavy hitters. More on these soon. Yes indeed, yet another big week around the Squid…

On a different note…

ROAR announced their uber electric “supernational” last week. What is the ROAR “supernational”? Well… because ROAR has a ton of dirt electric classes they’ll be running them all during one week at one venue, hence, it’s not just a national anymore, it’s Super! ROAR will crown 11 brand spank’n new champions in one week, probably not an all time record but close. LOL. Combine all those national championships with all the nitro champs, on-road champs, carpet champs and paved champs, and ROAR inches closer to 100 national champions every year. Maybe in a few more years everyone can be a ROAR national champ? Just say’n…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there are several big companies spending crazy cash marketing rc to the masses, but unfortunately when the masses finally buy into our hobby they see our “racing” scene is a long ways from being anything close to professional. IMO, there is a reason why Traxxas, the biggest name is rc, has no problem spending millions on full scale racing, but won’t touch rc racing with a ten foot pole- rc racing is a train wreck. At the end of the day when someone walks into a hobby shop and asks “Who is the best rc racer in the United States?” there should be an answer, a singular name, not dozens, and it shouldn’t be based on one weeks worth of racing at one track, it has to be a series. At the end of the day I’d personally like to know who the best rc racer in America is- Blackstock, Tebo, Lemieux, Cavalieri, Cyrul, Drake, etc, etc, etc. Oh and yes, so would the average consumer! If you want to make racing “important” to average consumers again, you can’t have 50 different national champions a year. Seriously. Right now average consumers simply can’t keep up with the racing scene so they grab their brushless Revo and practice double backflips in their backyard. Seriously. It would be good for the sport to have one true national champion crowned after a 10 race series. Seriously. Of course my opinion means no more than anyone elses out there, but duh, this one is a no brainer to all involved.

That’s it for this week, thanks for blowing up our servers on a weekly basis and I personally wish you the most awesome Christmas ever! I know a lot of you will be getting some Christmas cash from Uncle Bob and Aunt Wilma, it would be awesome if part of that cash would go to support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots.

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