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THE Cub Report, 12.22.2014, Version- 16 Months…

Hello cruel rc world, welcome to yet another Cub Report, a satirical column intended to raise eyebrows (and tempers).

Hey, I actually have a few topics this week, so lets get this party started…

1. Did ya see IFMAR is allowing AstroTurf as a racing surface for the 2015 10th scale off-road worlds? Of course you didn’t, you are a basher and don’t care much about the racing scene. Perhaps you tried racing out once or twice a few years ago but just found it wayyyy too up-tight for your liking, hence the reason you hit the local park or your backyard every weekend. With IFMAR allowing the use of an entirely Astro covered track for one of their crème de la crème events, they once again take racing a direction that discourages new people. How is that? It’s just the worlds where a noob wouldn’t be racing anyways, righttttt? No, there won’t be any noobs racing at the worlds, however, every Joe Blow track in the world looks at that race as the standard, as the standard that their track needs to be like. Turf/carpet/sugar/uber-bite tracks take away a LOT of the fun part of racing, the part where you don’t know for sure which way your buggy is going to bounce, or when your rear end is going to hit a slick spot and slide out, or just how the track is going to break down over the weekend. Take out the fun, lose the noobs, it is pretty simple. Oh and, true racers thrive on the hardest/roughest/nastiest track possible, not on a freeway, just say’n…

2. Speaking of raising some eyebrows… the news about Thunder Tiger going to HRP (and not being with Great Planes anymore) sure got the industry talking last week. I did not hear any inside scoopage on this one, so we have no idea if it was an amicable split or not. Also, a lot of people have been asking how this might affect Team Associated (who’s parent company is TT), asking if their plug might get pulled by GP as well, but we’ve heard absolutely nothing to that effect. This move is of course a good one for HRP, who continue to snatch up product lines that are good for bashers.

3. And the last topic of the week…. Killerbody RC. You may or may not have seen the latest body put out by Killerbody (the Marauder), but it definitely sends a message. And just what message might that be? That Killerbody is leading the pack for scale realism. The lines of the base Marauder body are quite on point to a full size rig, and with all the various scale accessories added, that body is seriously over-the-top for uberness. Killerbody does a lot of OEM work, so we wonder how much longer it will be until a car manufacturer orders up an insanely detailed body for their newest RTR. We also wonder why is Killerbody leading the pack and not some bigger name in the rc game? Any which way, Killerbody is set to release a bunch of incredible bodies in ’15, sadly their marketing department is virtually no-existent, and we all know you can’t sell a product that nobody knows even exists.

That’s it for this week, have a most incredible Christmas (filled with rc goodness), and drop by your LHS and local bash spot if ya get the chance.

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Posted by in cubby on Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 11:32 am