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THE Cub Report, 12.27.2011, Version- It’s On Like Donkey Kong

Cubby Hello fellow rc’ers, thanks for dropping by, and I certainly hope Santa totally dialed you up with sweet rc gear under the X-mas tree. Personally, I didn’t receive any rc gear for X-mas, but with names like Moet, Tag, and Bowers and Wilkins under my tree, I certainly wasn’t hurt’n.

BIG NEWS- BigSquidRC is naming our “2011 Bashing Vehicle Of The Year” this Friday, December 30th. All year long we get to crash, thrash, smash and huck rc’s, this year we are going to pick the one that in our eyes is without doubt the best machine made for bashing of the year. We’ve named cars/people of the year before, but this year we are focusing right on car/truck of the year (and I will promise it’s not a boat, or bike, or plane!! LOL). Bashing has suddenly become the “cool” thing to do, it’s about time someone really took a good hard look at the best bash machines and named a numero uno. Look for a full write up this Friday on our front page.

January 1st marks the start of my 5th (yes fifth!) year here at BigSquid. Oh my how does the time fly. When I signed on, BSRC was a tiny niche site, now it’s considered by many to be the “it” site in the rc world. And we’ve got soooo much uber stuff planned for 2012. 🙂 Hang on to your pants guys, 2012 is gonna be another wild ride. 🙂

Brian posted his review of the Speed Passion RS1 touring car today, a car that I can personally say is one heck of a bash machine. It comes with a sweet Civic look’n body, comes stock with a brushless power system, and they sell for under a hundred clams. How Speed Passion has not sold a million of these cars is beyond me. I am particular fan of their $99 RS2 Stadium Truck (that is a brother to the RS1)- it comes brushless, jumps good, pops long wheelies, and rarely breaks. World look out if these cars catch on with the masses, you’ll be seeing one of these on every block.

The 2012 AMA Supercross season starts in a week and a half! Heck Yes! Can not get here fast enough!

CES is almost here! Last year for Microsoft? Perhaps!

The Red Bull “No Limits New Years Eve Celebration” is going to be sicker than ever this year with both Robbie Maddison (on an mx bike) and Levi LaVallee (on a snowmobile) huck’n 300+ feet over water to jump in the New Year. How freak’n sic is that? Catch it live on ESPN this New Years Eve.

That’s it for this year you guys, once again thanks for reading, and support your local hobby shops, tracks and bash spots when you can!

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