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THE Cub Report – 6 Wheeling Into The Future

Hello there party people, if you live in America I hope you have the day off and are getting your BBQ on, if you live outside the states, I hope you had a great weekend of rc bashing. With that said, lets jump right on it…

So… I wonder what the “big news” from last week was. Hummmmm… let me think about it…

Oh ya, that would have to be Traxxas dropping their new Mercedes Benz TRX-6. Whenever Traxxas drops anything new it is a huge deal for the industry, their new 6 wheeler looks fantastic, and comes loaded with newer Traxxas tech like remote locking diffs, portal style axles, etc. I said long ago to watch out if Traxxas were ever to get into the scale game and I wasn’t kidding. After a plethora of scale off-road releases from Traxxas, Traxxas has proven themselves in the scale segment, with their new Mercedes 6×6 being by far their most outrageous release to date. With nicely scaled wheels, tires, and an absolutely gorgeous body, I can see Traxxas selling literally a ton of them. Oh and ya, I can’t wait for our first impromptu Traxxas 6×6 vs. Axial UMG10 6×6 comparison, it should be pretty epic!

While the Traxxas grabbed a lot of attention last week, Ivan and his crew over at Carisma have not been playing around. Late last week Carisma dropped a new variant on their SCA-1E platform with a very interesting Subaru Brat body. The Brat has a unique/fun look that I personally dig, although we have a couple of staffers who just aren’t feeling the Subaru love (their brains can’t be normal, what can I say?). But seriously, Carisma did a great job on the SCA-1E scale chassis and we can’t wait to start seeing more Brats out on the trail.

OK ya bunch of rc lunatics, I am off to fire up the grill. Until next week, support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can!

YOUR El’ Cubbo Reportero

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