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THE Cub Report – April Fools Edition

Hello there friends, welcome to April Fools Day 2019. Here in America April Fools is a big dealio, one that the BigSquidRC has had a lot of fun with over the years.

Years ago when people were switching over to the internet, there just wasn’t a lot of April Fools posts going on. It may have been back around 2012 when we started coming up with some crazy April Fools posts. And while most of them were quite obviously jokes (like this 101 mph $199 ECX Buggy), several actually tricked people. The most memorable had to be This Post which resulted in us receiving a bunch of email from industry types. While I am known to rant 24/7 against our sanctioning body ROAR, we did a post saying I had quit BigSquidRC to take over the helm at America’s much lamented sanctioning body. That post left numerous industry types totally tripping balls, LOL. Needless to say those were some epic emails to read, but at the end of the day they were quite relieved to hear I was still nice and comfy here at BSRC.

Another one of our April Fools jokes that got a lot of attention was This One. There was a point back in 16′ when Traxxas could have bought up HPI, the rumors were rampant, so we did a post of a fictional new Traxxas Savage 4.6 monster truck. To say that a few people melted completely down would be an understatement! The meltdown emails were interesting to read no doubt, but even we got a little freaked out by how seriously people took that post.

However, my favorite BigSquidRC April Fools would have to be the one about the new Pro-Line M7 uber-sticky tires. With tires getting stickier all the time, we did a post about crazy-sticky P-L tires that were “…apparently so sticky, there is a warning label that says ‘WARNING: Touching two M7 tires together may result in them being permanently stuck together!…”. We also added “They warn that you should wear gloves at all times when handling them, and to avoid setting them down on anything unless you have sprayed the working surface with PAM or some sort of Teflon.”. I can’t tell you guys how much fun we’ve had over the years coming up with this non-sense, but we certainly hope you got a chuckle out of one or two of them over the years!

Before I wrap things up for the week, I gotta send some love out to my homeskillet RJ Blaisdell. RJ is the owner over at and has been a huge supporter of the hobby for many years now. Having a stroke is no joke, and RJ has seen more than his fair share, so I wanted to send out a personal message to him to say that the entire crew here at BigSquidRC is thinking about him!!! Seriously bro, we miss you like crazy!!!

And finally…

March Bashness is pretty crazy eh? 🙂 Even I can’t wait for the finals, gonna be epic this year! With that said, it is time to grab a truck and get back to testing. Until next week get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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