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Well hello there fellow hobbyist, welcome to BigSquidRC and THE Cub Report. This week I’ll be looking over some of the new releases, as well as giving some general hobby, and even racism, commentary. Why wait any longer, lets dive right in!

Here around the BigSquidRC offices we keep an “unofficial” count of “who won last week” concerning new product releases. So far in 2020, Tamiya has been releasing cars like crazy, and even Team Associated has been showing off some strong offerings. Last week was a bit slow for heavy hitting new products, but there were a few notable announcements.

Perhaps my favorite new product from last week was the gorgeous Delorean DMC12 body from APlastics. APlastics isn’t a big name here in the states, but overseas they move a lot of trick on-road bodies. Their very latest is their take on the legendary DMC12 and it looks right on point. I can see a bunch of “Back to the Future” tribute cars being made with this body, as well as lots of hardcore cul-de-sac bash machines. Nicely done Aplastics, nicely done…

Ya know, HPI Racing has been super quiet the last half decade or so, but last week they announced a new entry into their Maverick starter line-up. Announced last week by HPI/Maverick was the Phantom XT RTR. The Phantom doesn’t look like an old school HPI product, products that were extremely well designed by some of the best in biz. The Phantom XT looks like a very affordable entry-level truck without the typical HPI attitude. I would personally like to see HPI/Maverick come back with a vengeance, but I do not see that happening with trucks like the Phantom. People used to buy HPI because they were so unique and bad-ass, now days people buy HPI when they can actually find one.

Also big in the news last week was a pair of new trucks in the Kyosho Egg product line. Most American’s have never seen a Kyosho Egg product in person, but it is a entry-level line-up that has been selling in large quantities in the Asian market. The new Kyosho Egg series Wrangler and Metal Racer could be a perfect first rig for the youngster in your family, or in the case of you hobby grade guys, you may be able to cut them up and use certain parts for custom small scale builds. It is rare when a “toy grade” rc appears here on BigSquid, but the new Kyosho’s were too cool not to post.

In other news, our fearless leader Brian Smolik is nearly back up to speed after some fun with kidney stones. It sounds like he had a stint removed the other day and is feeling a lot better now. Now if we could just get his reality show on TV, all would be good. ­čÖé

Ya know, the thing I love most about THE Cub Report is that I can write about anything I want to. While that is mostly rc, over the past decade I’ve written about all sorts of different topics, but today I am gonna put down a few words on racism. I grew up in a very racist area, but for some reason my parents did not support the trend. As I got older, all my friends were racist, mostly because it had been taught to them by their parents. Locally, we did not have one real reason to hate black people, yet most did, simply because of their upbringing.

There isn’t a reason in the world, other than one created by man, to be racist. For every bad decision that you can show me that a black person has made, I can show you the exact same by a white, Asian, Arabic, etc person. We are all homo sapiens, equal in every way, yet some people stick to what they were taught during their young, dumb, teenage years. And while many whites claim to be not racist when around others, when mashing a reply under a burner account on FB, that’s when their internal rage really comes out. To boil it down, we are ALL the same people, and the year is 2020, lets be smarter than our ancestors who were willing to believe all sorts of ridiculous things. To actually end racism, it is going to take the white people of America finally opening their eyes, opening their minds, and knowing for sure that every homo sapien on this planet is equal, because they truly are. It really is that simple, but there is so much hate inside some people, that they will never let it go. Seriously… just let your racism go and get along with a new, better you.

That’s it for this week ya bunch of raving lunatics. Until next week, support the hobby any way that ya can!

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