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THE Cub Report – As Winter Arrives…

So hello there folks, here is this week’s edition of THE Cub Report. Life in the rc world is never boring, that one thing is for sure. Shall we have a look back at the rc happenings from last week???

So… did you see the new Losi Mini-T 2.0? As I am formerly a huge fan of small scale racing, I have to say I am stoked to see the 2.0. Losi did a good job of scaling down the new Mini-T from the 1/10th 22T and it was sweet to see it come in a mid-motor configuration (handling, but mainly it eliminates motor destruction via a heavy rear landing). And while 1/18th scale hasn’t exactly been flying off the shelf lately, it is still a great form of truly affordable racing. To “hardcore” race indoor 1/10th scale it costs some pretty serious cash now days. Dirt tracks are often quite rough for a 1/18th scaler, but if your local track is carpet, 18th scale racing is totally fun. Oh and, if our sanctioning body would simply make some 1/18th rules and give it a national championship, a lot more people would discover (or re-discover) just how awesome 1/18th scale racing is. Anywhos, I guess it’ll be me and the guys racing 1/18th in the man cave watching Supercross on Saturday nights again this year (but this time with some uber Mini-T 2.0s!!!)…

Ya know, there is all kinds of garbage on the internet that just isn’t worth reading (ahem, LOL). However, there is also some really good stuff that is written from the heart. This week’s Losing Grip is a great example of some true writing. Props to Martin for doing his very best to help the drift scene as much as he can. If you are part of a drift group, or you have some specialized drift products that you want the entire world to know about, give Martin an email. I am sooooo not a “drift guy”, but I do love watching them (something I can’t say of racing) and can truly appreciate just how hardcore those guys are.

You probably haven’t noticed, but I am on a real anti-racing campaign lately. However, LOL, I just gotta talk about the new Tekno EB410.2. Back in the day, it was simply impossible to keep a 4wd buggy together for more than a run or two. After that, you were doing some wrenching, actually, lots of wrenching. Because I grew up with 4wd buggies that were seemingly only made from glass, I can really sink my teeth into the new Tekno. Tekno makes their bones on durability and speed, with an emphasis on longevity. Basically the exact opposite of the 4wd buggies that I grew up driving (they broke freak’n constantly!!!). To be able to go to a track and drive hard all weekend, with very little thought of breakage, is some pretty awesome stuff to me. Or even better, the ability to build a crazy 6-12S basher-version (with belted tires) and do some skyscraping with Paul Bludgen sounds fun too… 🙂 Either way, racer or basher, the new Tekno should be one of the best 4wd 1/10th buggies ever, you might wanna “get on a list” somewhere for that one.

There ya have it rc fans, that’s all I have for ya this week. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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