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Well hello there fellow rc hobbyists, thanks for visiting BigSquidRC. Here at Big Squid, we are all about bashing and promoting the hobby. What was the biggest news from last week?

One of the biggest news points just went live, HRP Distributing has announced that they just picked up Team Corally. If you are a long time hobbyist, then you know who Team Corally is. If you are not, they are a long time high-end car manufacturer out of Europe. And while Team Corally is perhaps best known for their high-end race machines, in the last few months they have announced a bunch of hardcore bash mobiles.

We’ve actually been reviewing the new Team Corally Kronos monster truck, a review that will go live before the end of the week, but that is just one of their new releases. Team Corally has also announced the Shogun XP 6S, as well as the Dementor 6S. All three trucks were designed to be hardcore bash rigs, right out of the box. In fact, all three look to be serious competition for the heavy hitters like ARRMA, Traxxas, and Losi. We are stoked to see HRP picking up a line that is absolutely perfect for our readers. More soon on this one…

Ya know, that RC4WD pulling sled is off the hook. Just when you think that the RC4WD guys can not top themselves with scale realism, they drop something like the pulling sled. Now, rc pulling isn’t a huge dealio right now. I can say that I only see pullers at trade shows, and basically nowhere else. However, with such huge momentum in the scale movement, and with so many people building specialized off-road rigs, we just might start seeing more puller builds thanks solely to the RC4WD sled. We’ll see…

Speaking of harcore scale rigs, the peeps over at Cross RC are not playing around for 2020. In the last couple of weeks, Cross has dropped an insane scale engine, plus a new 6×6 (TC6) and VR4 scale crawler. Both the TC6 and the VR4 have crazy amounts of sale detailing, particularly the TC6 military truck. It seems like everywhere you look on the new Cross trucks, you get blown away with scale details! Can’t wait to see even more new stuff from Cross in the future months.

Hey, did you see that AE has a new monster truck? OK, I gotta start off with the name. Team Associated now seems to be “Associated Electrics” (did they put out a PR?), which is a good move going forward. Back in the day, everybody just had to put the word “team” into their name, but now days, it just isn’t cool. Associated Electrics works for crawlers, monster trucks, everything really, so get used to it. Any which way, yes, AE dropped their new MT10 monster truck last week. With pricing right around $300 mark, I do expect AE to sell a BUNCH of these. It comes stock with a speedy Reedy brushless system, plus fully licensed Method wheels. Sweet! Nice to see, can’t wait to get one in the backyard and let’er rip!

So there ya have it ya bunch of freaking animals. Thanks for reading, and of course, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can!

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