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Here we are folks, past the half-way point of the year, looking down the final stretch of 2018. Thanks for making a click over to BigSquidRC, here’s some banter about the last week in the rc industry. Shall we dive right in?

First off, after a rather slow Q1 (and 2) for product announcements, there was a ton of new products last week. The week started strong, then the new stuff just kept piling on. This is a good sign for the industry, and a great start for hopefully a massive Thanksgiving/X-Mas season.

IMO the biggest news from last week was Redcat Racing going huge with not one new car, or two, or even three, but they announced 5! From a new 5th scale MT, to a new 1/10 rock racer, the crew at Redcat keep on proving that the “new” Redcat is going big for the future. After having a look over the new trucks, they look solid! The monster trucks look good and have nice features at solid price points, but I am betting their Camo X4 becomes the star out of that group. Any which way, we are stoked to see Redcat putting out a bunch of new gear.

On the racing side of things, Pro-Line made huge news with their new “S Compound” tires. The S rubber compound is not only very grippy, but was designed for substantially better wear characteristics. If you are a racer, most likely your single biggest expense is tires. Longer wear is certainly a big dealio for you and the S compound just might save you some cash and/or help improve your weekly results.

And ya, I know on-road isn’t very busy now days, but the new Ford GT race body from PROTOform is insanely hot looking. Like so hot that I immediately made the main pic from their press release the wallpaper on my computer! Like so hot now I need to buy a new pan car to put it on! Big props to the crew at PF for putting out yet another off-the-hook body.

Ya know, I love to complain about connectors. Why? Because they are such a big part of rc. On a daily basis a basher will always be screwing around with body clips and connectors, and because they are so often used, they need to be fully on point. Now, connectors are also big money. No, they don’t cost much, but they can be quite profitable (they have a big margin) and if your connector “takes off”, you are gonna sell millions of them. Back in the day, there were three choices- Tamiya, Deans, and Anderson Powerpoles. Now days, there are simply too many to even list. To combat the typical basher problem of having a pit box filled with LiPos (sporting a half dozen different connectors) Venom announced their Uni Plug 2.0. The Uni Plug 2.0 is like a small adapter and makes it easy to always have the right connector on-hand. I have yet to try one, but am very interested in checking them out.

OK, before I keep rambling till the end of time I will cut things off here. It looks like another big week in rc, everyone here at BigSquidRC hopes you have a funtastic week! Oh and, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can!

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Also- Big props to Jimmy Babcock, check out the screen cap below!

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