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THE Cub Report – Corona Virus Fever

Hello there fellow rc fanatic, we’ve put yet another week into the history books. Without further ado, lets have a look at some of the big news from last week.

With the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo no longer with us, the BSRC Bash Crew has been getting all stoked up for RCX in Southern California (was scheduled for April). But whoa, wait a minute there buddy! Ever hear of a little thing called the Corona Virus? Well, thanks to that, RCX has now been moved back to November. On the downside, we were all wound up for some RCX action this spring, but as most of our staffers live in colder areas, we are actually glad to see RCX moved to November where it can be a nice warm trip for us. In the month of April where the BSRC crew lives (upper Midwest), the weather is quite nice, but our Novembers can get crazy cold. To boil it down, we’ll absolutely take a few days in SoCal this fall, hope we see you there!

Oh and, there has been a ton of other rc related gatherings that have been postponed until fall because of the virus. Shows like the Shizuoka Hobby Show in Asia (among Many others) have also been moved. And while most of the people in rc are “younger” (under the age of 70), we do appreciate the fact that on these bigger shows, where people are traveling in from all over the globe to get there, that they have moved them to all to help prevent the illness from spreading any further.

Mud, Rocks, and Tears. MRT was a scale crawling event held by BSRC in conjunction with the RC Freaks of St. Louis in the spring of 2018. However, because of flooding, we were totally unable to make a go of it last year (venue was flooded through July). For 2020, the water is down and we are once again attempting to put on one of the gnarliest scale off-road events that has EVER went down. More details coming soon as I know them, but if MRT does come together for 2020, you better start triple-double-bullet-proofing your rig now.

Ya know, I have yet to say one word about all the new FAA rules that will be going into affect for our brothers that fly rc. The changes that the FAA have proposed will put multiple limits on the rc aircraft hobby, and people on that side of the hobby are a bit freaked out. IMO, the rules look terrible for anything that flies rc. In an industry that was already struggling, the FAA has just made it a LOT worse. And while I rarely talk about air here, this is a big enough dealio that even you surface guys need to at least have heard about it. I am not looking forward to seeing how this turns out…

In the rc product news, Tamiya once again had an enormous week. With loads of new releases (ok, most are “re-releases”) the Tamiya crew has come out swinging hard for 2020! Then there was JConcepts with a very trick looking no-prep Camaro body. Then there was Kaioz RC Model Studio with some INSANELY realistic driver figures. Holy cow, not only do those figures look amazingly real, but you can also customize the driver to match your build/truck style. Oh and, then there was Pig Studio (the makers of the insane rc Ripsaw) who are teasing an amazing looking new off-road trailer. All in all, last week had a bunch of uber-cool gear.

Rumors? Ya well, in slow times like this, the rumor mill has all but dried up. There may be media sites out there claiming they have some inside scoop on the next big suchity-such release, but from what I am hearing, things will probably be quite slow until Q3. Now, somebody might drop something big in the next couple months, but if I had to put money on it, I would bet against it (Watch ARRMA, Losi, Traxxas, or somebody else prove me wrong, like in 48 hrs, LOL). My best guess is new “little stuff” here and there, but as far as all new vehicles from the ground up, I have heard very little.

So there ya are, that’s your Cub Report for this week. As always, try to get out and support your local hobby shops and bash areas when ya can!

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