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Well hello there friend, I hope you are feeling some serious good vibrations on this fine Monday. Always remember, never forget, life is much more fun with rc around.

So here we are, on the verge of the Q3 new release cycle, meaning, soon the big names will start announcing their upcoming vehicles for the ’17 Christmas buying season. In the coming weeks you’ll learn about all the hot new products coming out, with the manufacturers crossing their fingers they can get them on LHS shelves by Black Friday.

However… from what I’ve seen/heard, there won’t be as many new releases this year as last. Our industry continues to struggle, thus the reason why you aren’t gonna see as many new X-Mas releases this year. Still, there are a couple of strong vehicles about to be introduced, which will hopefully help give our hobby a solid holiday season.

On a different note… ROAR held their 1/10th scale off-road championships over the weekend. Yes, there was a bunch of classes, yes there was plenty of racing, and no, from what I hear, there weren’t any massive meltdowns. The main thing you should take away is that X-Ray/Pro-Line/Orion driver Ty Tessmann got his rigs dialed-in and walked away with the wins in both mod 2wd buggy and 4wd buggy (he also won stadium truck for those of you that still have some interest in that class).

Speaking of Pro-Line, our big west coast bash is getting closer and closer. The day promises to be one of the craziest ever with some EPIC bashing. The P-L crew has set up a new Facebook page for the event, as well as an EventBrite Registratrion Page. To get all the details simply hit up This Hyperlink.

Lastly… MultiGP Drone Racing, what in the world were you thinking? While I joke about using a hammer on cars all the time, I am in fact just kidding (mostly… LOL). Is it that hard not to carelessly ruin drone racing? On the up side of things, at least ROAR doesn’t smash buggies into little pieces if they don’t pass tech…

So there ya go folks, that’s it from me this week. As always, get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can.

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