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Hello one and all, welcome to Traxxas Ford GT week at BigSquidRC. Ok, so it’s nothing official, but we will have a lot of Ford GT coverage starting with an unboxing, then the review, then hopefully some video to boot.

I can hear a bunch of you guys out there saying “We don’t care about no stink’n on road car!”, but our numbers show differently. Everything that we have posted about the new Traxxas has gotten stellar numbers, or at the very least, better numbers than any other on road car in the past decade. An entirely new platform from Traxxas is fairly rare, plus the car just looks ridiculously good, so we can see why it has created some much needed interest in the on road segment.

For all you noobies out there, on road used to be huge in rc. Back in the day, say even back in 2000, the normal dealio was that you ran off road during the summer months, then drove touring cars in the winter. Everyone that had a new B3 or XXX also had a TC3 or XXX-S to race indoors. Then things went all to hell… on road racing, along with bashing touring cars, has long been dead as a doornail. The entire industry has tried several times to boost on road sales, and while the drift scene certainly did gain some traction, old school touring cars are relegated to what is left of the hardcore touring car racers, and nearly nobody else.

Then came the Traxxas Ford GT. Traxxas knew the on road segment was in need of some new blood, so here it is. The Ford GT sits on the all new 4-Tec 2.0 chassis, but what really makes the show is its body. The Traxxas just might sport the coolest looking on road body that has ever shipped on a RTR, and I can tell you first hand that everyone that sees it has to stop and touch it. Ya, ya, all you racer snob types love to talk smack about anything with the Traxxas logo on it, but the Ford GT has a shot of resuscitating the on road segment, something none of your racer companies has been able to do, you have got to respect that.

Will the Ford GT make on road hot again? Will you start seeing more on road cars out bashing again? Will on road racing get a much needed shot of adrenaline thanks to first time owners of Ford GTs moving up to the racing ranks? Only time will tell of course, but if anyone can save on road, it is Traxxas.

So there ya have it folks. Keep your eyes on our front page for our unboxing of the Ford GT tomorrow and our full review will go live on Friday. Thanks for reading and get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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