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The Cub Report – February, Week 3

After popping a fresh bottle of Dom Perignon 99′, I sat down to realize that few things in life are appreciated as much as they should be. I appreciate that in the last few weeks there were actually some really cool products introduced to the rc world, because this week nothing of real note was shown.

I’d guess the “biggest” news was the “official” press release for the Associated RC12R FT. I’m sure if you are one of the two hundred people still racing 12th scale in this country, and you haven’t been at any of the big carpet races the last few months, this was huge news to you.

Seems like there were several new crawler bodies and such introduced this week. But I’ve never seen the point in going as slowly as possible with anything, let alone an rc car. So I won’t comment on these products. What I will comment on is’s CFO Brian doing his first crawler competition this week. Rumors leaked out early and often that Brian has mad crawling skills. Maybe he does, or maybe it was his stump pulling Greatest Of All Time Novak system that kept him from finishing last. First this guys pwns the drag world, and now he’s working on doing the same with crawlers??

Hot Bodies shot out their official release on their Cyclone D4 World Edition electric off-road 4wd buggy this week. Lot’s of carbon fiber, very trick looking. And since the Associated B44 hit, the local 4wd classes have been larger than they have been in over a decade. Now if I just had Hara’s skillz I could put it up front like he does. While this isn’t huge news, it should be of note that the once quiet storm which used to be HPI/Hot Bodies is making some more noise this week. They are getting back into the game in a big way.

The strangest release of the week had to be from JConcepts. Normally, these guys make some of the coolest gear on the market. But what were they thinking with the introduction of their J82 conversion kit? For those of you that haven’t seen it, imagine this. Take an Associated T4, and convert it to an electric buggy (huh?). It ends up basically looking like a slightly oversized B4. I’m speechless and desperately need my champaign flute refilled.

So that’s it for this week. Support you local hobby shops, race at your local tracks, and give away some of your old crap to some youngster at the track.



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