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THE Cub Report – Flick’n Peas At A Tank

So how about that weekend? Drama in the NFL, drama about nuclear Armageddon, and more drama upon drama. However, pulling some trigger on your fav rc car goes a long ways towards forgetting about whatever it is that might be eating away at you. Well, or at least it works wonders for me.

A little hodgepodge anyone?

First up, about that 1.9″ RTR Scale Crawler Shootout, it is blowing up already and we are barely started. Yes, we are in the earliest phases of the shootout, which means we are waiting for trucks to arrive and we are plotting out our categories and testing procedures. Originally planned to include the Traxxas TRX-4, Vaterra Ascender RTR, an RC4WD RTR, and the SCX10 II RTR, it looks like that might not be the case. HPI really wants in with the Venture FJ (and we really want it in!), so we may hold back a couple of extra weeks before we start doing the driving. And waiting a couple of extra weeks opens up the possibility of the Carisma Coyote and RedCat Everest Gen7 making it into the shootout as well. But wait, there’s more! The RC4WD RTR entered into the shootout just might be a new model that has so far been unannounced to the public, and there might be one more truck from a surprise big name! We are looking to go live with the shootout early in November, right before the ultra-critical Christmas buying season, we’ll keep you updated on how things progress. However, a seven (or eight) way 1.9″ RTR scaler shooutout would be completely LIT!!!

In news from last week…

How about that Tamiya King Yellow 6×6? Boy, that thing has a neat look to it, sadly it is based on a dated design. My vision is a 6×6 with steel links, a carbon fiber chassis, and fully licensed body/wheels/tires. The King Yellow is an entry level rig, so its G6-01 platform is a decent choice for the segment, but us seasoned hobbyists want trick stuff too!

Oh ya, Horizon Hobby is now stocking Team Associated parts & cars. I remember a time not that long ago when local tracks would become Horizon Hobby dealers so they could have access to both Losi and Team Associated parts. Times have changed a lot, back then nearly everyone ran one of those two brands. Now days not only are there a lot more brands on the starting line, but nearly everyone waiting for the tone has some type of partial sponsorship and simply doesn’t buy parts from an LHS anymore. But still, good to see more distribution for Team AE.

We posted up a short video of the new Futaba 7PX last week. I’ve been a lucky guy and gotten in some time with one. Oh yes, it feels like a classic high-end Futaba, but sports even better ergonomics than their current unit. The screen is extremely high quality for an rc radio, and IMO, their menu system is even better. No, I will never personally use all of its 7 channels, but the 7PX is clearly the best radio to ever come from Futaba. I say another shootout is in order, although with all the stellar high-end radios on the market right now, it would be incredibly tough to judge.

Are you a big ARRMA fan? If so, this week is going to be a good one for you. How so? Just keep an eye on our website for later this week. Just say’n…

And there ya have it, yet another Cub Report has been mashed out. As always, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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