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Hello rc enthusiasts, welcome to another lovely week in rc. My name is Cubby and I would like to personally thank you for spending a few minutes on BigSquidRC.

I had originally thought about naming this Cub Report “80 pages”, but even I thought that was a bit extreme (I know, a handful of you “get it” and are giggling right now). Why 80 pages? Because that is the size of the Sept issue of Car Action. 80 pages. Now, that might not mean a whole lot to you, but if you work in the industry that is light, and not just a little, but a LOT.

You all know my deep hatred for dinosaur media, but we do need to keep a magazine around. Why? Because magazines do still fill a spot in the marketing chain. If you look over to mx/sx, Racer X Illustrated does a phenomenal job of producing original content for their readers that is still current and fresh, therefore I keep a sub (mostly for the pictures, but the content is also stellar). Sure, modern day video is fun to watch, but if you really want to marvel at an engineering masterpiece like a full works/gp Honda HRC bike, I prefer a big ole’ picture.

For the last couple of months I’ve been searching for a copy to see how RCCA is doing, and I couldn’t find one. However, Brian found one at a Borders yesterday, and well, we were all shocked. Size means something (putting it a bit lightly there) in the mag biz, and at just 80 pages, there just can’t be much content, nor advertising to pay for said content. The last RCCA I saw was a mess (maybe a couple years ago, it was still over 100 pages), and I have yet to lay eyes on the new issue to actually check its content, but at 80 pages, well, I am not expecting much. But who knows, it might be filled with great ways to show off our hobby. All I really know, no different than motocross, rc needs an incredible looking print edition for our industry to continue waging war against all the other ways that people can spend their disposable income.

On a completely different note, Tim Gluth’s last podcast for BigSquidRC is my new favorite. Gluth’s podcast stars Carisma’s Peter Gray and comes in at almost an hour and a half in length. And while that might sound crazy long, that is about the length most “podcast guys” like, it gives everyone ample time to settle into a “groove” of sorts in their conversation. Btw, after looking at some numbers, the Gluth/BigSquidRC podcast is starting to take off! We expected it to take a year or more, but that isn’t the case, the latest podcast numbers are blowing up! That is great for us, but also something extra that we wanted to bring to the hobby for 2018. Thankfully it is working out even better than expected! How do you listen to the podcast? Simple, just Click Here.

So there ya go for this week folks, support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can! Also, pop an rc sticker on your full sized rig if ya can!

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