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THE Cub Report – Gone Loco, Be Back Later

Hello there avid rc fan, welcome to Big Squid and to THE Cub Report. While Ping is busy retiring from the writing game, here I am slaving on. Such is life, shall we dive right on in?

So… the “biggest” news from last week was such that we didn’t even post it??? Yup, that would be the 30 day countdown timer posted by ARRMA. Now, we are all for teasers and such, and we will be posting more teasers as the new ARRMA gets closer, but for now, we’ll just talk about the teasing here.

Scanning the forums and groups across the web, the ARRMA ARRMY sure seem stoked as this might be the “big one” that they’ve long been clamoring for. Ya know, ARRMA has always been different, and in a good way. There very first product was a straight-up bash buggy, a product that came out when “race buggies” were all the rage. That first ARRMA buggy also came with a very innovative transmitter that could be used lefty or righty. Btw, we REALLY MISS that transmitter as it had outrageous amounts of range and totally hooked up the lefties on our staff (we have 2 of them, YIPES). Their first release was a game changer, and since then, ARRMA has done a great job of doing what they are supposed to do- putting out the best products that they can for straight up backyard bashing. Oh, to wrap up this segment, expect more teasing in next week’s Cub Report about that new ARRMA, so stay tuned…

In today’s bashing world, pretty much everyone wants a waterproof servo. Hitec dropped the IP67 rated D956WP several weeks ago, but last week announced the low profile DB777WP. The low profile design of the 777 is perfect for 1/10th buggy and touring car, but can also be used to save space in a legit scale build. I’ve been using the 956 in all my 1/10th and 1/8th scalers lately, but can’t wait to try the smaller 777 (which has more than enough torque for my scale crawling needs) in my scaler.

Ummmmmm…. Pro-Line isn’t messing around this fall with new product releases for the bashing/crawler crowd. A tire that I can’t wait to drive (read- torture) is their new Avenger HP for 1/8th buggy. I am gonna grab a Typhon, put in 6-10S, grab a gnarly pinion, and see what’s up. 🙂 Seriously, we see tons of people speed running either 1/8th buggies or 1/8th 4wd on-road cars, the new Avenger HPs are sure to help a whole lot of people go a lot faster than on “normal” tires.

Oh, but P-L wasn’t done with the Avenger HP, they had another belted tire announcement last week! Pro-Line also hooked up the no-prep drag scene guys with fully belted Reaction HP tires! Ya know, that no-prep drag scene is getting a TON of support from the aftermarket. If you have not built one yet and are looking for a project that goes “fast” to offset all that crawling you’ve been doing, check these “cars” out. Everyone has a Slash laying around, grab some belted Reaction tires, pop in a high cell count, and see how gnarly of a burnout you can do.

The BigSquidRC Bash Crew sees a whole lot of people out using their Spektrum DX5 Ruggeds on the weekends. Soon we will be able to see them even better when the new orange edition ships. The Rugged is my current “go to” radio that I use on the majority of my personal cars, and mine still works fine, despite being abused by our entire Bash Crew. It sounds like they have more color combos coming, and hopefully some other trick accessories too.

OK, folks, thanks for reading! And as I always say, try to support your local hobby shops and bash spots whenever ya can!

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