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THE Cub Report – Grow Fast, Or Die Slow…

Coming to you live from the greater Chicago metro area, welcome to THE Cub Report. We are insanely busy around this place, so lets see how fast I can bust this out. ๐Ÿ™‚

First up, Mud, Rocks, and Tears! Finally, our first ever scale crawling event is upon us. #mrt2018 goes down this Saturday in Crystal City, Missouri, and we would love to meet you at the event. I am super stoked as things have gone relatively smooth in the lead up to the event, plus the crew from the STL RC Freaks has set up a primo course. A signature RC Freaks/Tim Brown/Jojo Jinx design, the MRT2018 course features plenty of rock climbing, loads of mud (there has been a lot of rain in that area), but more impressive to me is the venue itself. The Crystal City Underground location is like no other, that in itself will make for a memorable trip.

Before MRT gets going this Saturday, we would like to give huge thanks to Tim Brown and the rest of the RC Freaks for being our pardners in this event. We also want to give a special shout-out to the folks at Horizon Hobby for being the primary sponsor. It sounds like Horizon’s Derek Wagner will be attending the event to answer questions about Vaterra/Spektrum/Losi/ECX/Dynamite products, which is going to be cool. We will be giving away two Horizon trucks at the event- a Vaterra Ascender scale crawler, as well as a Losi Rock Rey.

More special thanks need to go out to Pro-Line, RC4WD, Pitbull tires, Savox servos, as well as Team Turkey, Slinky’s RC Garage, and Anarchy RC. These companies are awesome to support Mud, Rocks, and Tears, we are glad they are on-board, and you will be glad too with all the give-away prizes! RC is after all, one big community, some people work in it, others go hardcore on the weekends, while casual drivers may only run once or twice a month. At MRT2018, going hard with our trucks is going to be a blast, but lets face it, the bigger fun is simply hanging out with others from the rc community. We hope you can make it out this Saturday, we can’t wait to get a chance to hang out with our fellow hobbyists!

Next up, March Bash-Ness! If you’ve been voting, and I know you have, the final trucks have been chosen. Landing at the top of the board on the “basher” side was the legendary ARRMA Kraton monster truck, while at the top of the “crawler” side is Axial SCX10. Both are incredible trucks that have legends of followers, but who will reign supreme? Can the #arrmaarmy beat the plethora of Axial fans? I have no idea, but can not wait to see how this ends up! I for one am Very interested in seeing if the bashers take the win, or if crawling has gotten so popular that the SCX10 ends up on the top. We shall see! Until then, props to ARRMA and Axial for taking the win in their respective categories!

Finally, we are working on putting up a new “calendar” feature to the website. With soooo many things going on in the rc world, we would like to put up a calendar to make it easy for both industry folks and consumers to check on upcoming events. For example, we would like to post events like Pro-Line’s By The Fire in late May, Horizon Hobby’s RC Fest in June, the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo (only 208 days to go!) in October, etc. So, if you or your company is having a big event, let us know, it could very well end up on the calendar, plus we are always looking for more events to attend.

Oh OK, so seriously, this is the last bit for this week. We should have more industry news coming late in the week, so keep your eyes open on our front page late in the week/early next week. We’ll post what we can, when we can.

Ya know, there is actually a lot more to go over, but I’ve actually got to do some work this week (WTH??? LOL), so I will keep it short (read- short’ish). Until next week, grab those trucks and come out and run with us this Saturday!

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