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THE Cub Report- Headlines You Won’t Be Seeing This Year

When you visit BSRC you see lots of headlines, some about new cars, some about reviews, even some about changes within our industry. After some bench racing with the Bash Crew I now present to you some headlines you won’t be seeing in rc this year…

“Traxxas Wins IFMAR World Championship!” – No, you’ll never be seeing this headline, Traxxas knows that while racing does have its place, if you are after the really big bucks you’ve gotta go after the much larger bash crowd.

“BSRC Goes Into the Print Biz!” – Nope, you won’t be seeing that one this year either (because we did it last year, LOL).

“Associated Introduces New Quadcopter!” – Ya know, back in the day I would have true faith that I would never see that headline, now days, not so much. I could actually see them sinking into the quad market. Instead of just pounding out class leading race gear they seem to think that putting out sound modules, “Qualifier Series” trucks, and LED light kits are a good idea.

“Gasoline Powered 8th Scale Monster Trucks Take Over the World!!!” – Yaaaaaa, I wouldn’t hold your breathe on that one either. And it’s not that it can’t happen, it seriously could, but it is gonna take a lotttttt more R & D before we see those small gas engines displace brushless as the premier power source in rc.

“Axial To Make UFO Looking Off-Road Buggy” – After decades of it being “cool” in rc for your buggy to look like something that fell to Earth from Mars, Axial has made it cool for your new truck to look just like its full size counterpart. So no, don’t expect for Axial to change that formula any time soon.

“Adam the Intern Completes Entire Bash Session Without Breaking A Single Part” – I can absolutely assure you that will never happen. When Adam goes big he breaks a truck in half. When he takes it easy he rips off a wheel. When you strictly order him “Don’t break it!!” on a new pre-production review truck (because there is not one single replacement part on the planet) he will still manage to blow the spur and 3 of the 4 shocks. God blesses everyone in abundance with one particular quality, he “blessed” Adam with the ability to destroy an rc car.

“iHobby Expo 2015 Reports Record Attendance!” – Seeing as how it doesn’t look like they even going to hold an event in ’15 you might not want to bet your firstborn on this one.

“Local Hobby Shops See Biggest Year in Sales Since ’06” – I think everyone in the hobby would love to see this one, here’s to hoping things are at least on the upswing.

“Pro-Line Invents Tire That Doesn’t Balloon on 6S!” – The entire bash community would break down the doors to the PL compound to get these, but the cost of doing such tires make them impractical for widespread release (read- I hope they make them anyways!!!!!).

“XRay Wins Bashing World Championships” – Real bashing isn’t something that can be measured, well, except in smiles I guess. Bashing isn’t about going the fastest, or jumping the highest, it is really a personal thing about having the most fun possible, something that can’t be measured with a transponder.

On a different note…

Don’t forget you can catch up with the BSRC Bash Crew January 24 at eFest in Champaign Illinois. This is a HUGE indoor flying event with loads of cool events and various manufacturers showing off new products. You guys that fly can sign up to get some stick time, or you can simply drop by to learn a whole lot about the air side of our hobby. Plus, you can hang out with us, which is admittedly pretty cool in itself.

Love the new look of the site? Hate it with a passion? Hit the “contact us” link to let us know what ya think (or to inform us of any problems you come across).

That’s it for this week ya lunatics, get ready for a full week of rc news, reviews, and all sorts of good stuff here on BigSquidRC. And as always, remember to get out and support your local hobby shops and bash spots when ya can.

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